Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How To Make Money From INSIDE The Thrift Store!!!

In yesterday's post I talked about my lovely thrift haul and how I was ever so blessed to not only find excellent clothes, but make money while doing it. What I didn't disclose was HOW I made the money from inside Goodwill. Well that's about to change with this post.

And before you get any sort of negative ideas, what I did was completely legal and I didn't do anything you can't do. 

A while back I talked about how you could easily make some money as a side gig (or a real job if you put enough time and energy into it) by using apps and websites that weren't Craigslist (see that post HERE). While those tips are extremely valuable, I've come up with a [sometimes] quick and easy way to use those apps/websites to generate quick cash from really anywhere. I just so happened to use one in particular from inside the Goodwill, that led me to make a purchase that benefited me greatly. 

Thrift stores - especially Goodwill - can be a goldmine for pricey finds you can flip. One thing I've learned quickly is that if you find a Goodwill that receives decent donations, you'll find that they often have purses or shoes in a display case WELL worth the price they're selling it for. 

It was during this last trip from over the weekend, that I noticed a Juicy Couture purse in a showcase. I debated purchasing it for myself - mostly because I thought it looked awesome - but then it dawned on me. If I think this purse is cute AND it's a legit Juicy Couture (you can look up how to authentic a purse, but [most] Goodwill's will authentic prior to putting them on the floor) then it could probably resell quickly to another purse lover. 

I asked to see the purse, snapped a quick pic, and said I would purchase the item. They let me hold onto while I browsed (if they don't, you can always ask them to hold it for you at the register) and that's when my "journey" began. 

Using the picture I took, I posted it on the app "OfferUp". This links you to members of the app (buyers and sellers) closest to you. Simply create your add and wait for the notifications. 

Now I'll be honest, I wasn't sure this would work. In fact if you try this, it could take a lot longer than what I experienced but if you post during a weekend AND during busy hours (afternoon mostly) you're likely to have just as much luck as me. 

Within moments I received an offer of $70 (which was $5 less than I had posted it for). I told them there was one small ripped stitch on the inside, but she quickly responded that she didn't care. With it's good size and overall good condition, she was willing to meet me within minutes to pick it up. So I purchased said purse for $25 along with my other items, walked outside, put my bag in the car, and waited by the nearby juice shop. 

The girl came, picked up the purse, and I walked away with cash in hand. 

If you deduct the $25 I spent on the purse, plus the $15 I spent on clothing, I STILL made $30. That means that just by walking through the store and posting a quick ad on Offer Up, I was able to practically get paid for enjoying myself. 

I sat in my car and thought to myself how awesome it was that an impromptu shopping trip to lead to me driving away with cash in hand. That's when I also realized I had to share this "tip" with all of you. 

My key points would be this:

- Be honest with your buyers about the the quality and condition of EVERY item you sell
- Look out for unique finds that aren't too high priced
- Never jump into a buy that you aren't completely sure about (which is why I held onto the purse and posted the ad prior to actually buying the purse)
- Trust your instinct
- Post during high traffic times (when people are browsing the most - weekends)

Sometimes what you might like may not be what everyone else likes, but there's a good chance that if Goodwill has a well known brand on display in a case, you can find a higher bid for that item. The best part is that with just holding onto the item in the store while waiting for bites, you're not wasting any money. 

Of course with a little research and practice you could make definitive decisions on future purchases before posting the ad, but for those tight on cash or skeptical you can try this technique without any real waste. Like I said before though, it's not a guarantee. 

I do think this is a valuable trick to acquire however, because you truly never know. If you have the chance to possibly make a little cash and get your finds for [practically] free, why not test it out?! I know that from now on I'm heading to the showcases first at any Goodwill and then browsing for potential purchases, because while there may be off days the good are sure to come. I just know it!

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