Monday, March 6, 2017

Mommy Moments: Salami Made Me Cry.

I am a foodie. 

This is quite apparent if you've ready any of my Friday blog posts, along with the occasional extra food post throughout any given week. I'm not sure if I've ever thoroughly expressed just how much, but I'm pretty sure you guys would think I was even weirder than you probably already do. Let's just say, I take eating pretty seriously. 

My padawan is not different. He's been spoiled when it comes to food his whole life - no canned food, no formula (no judgement AT ALL to anyone, you're still perfect parents) - and now that he's older it's no difference.

His snacks are fancy-ish, his meals are [mostly] organic - we like fast food too - and he enjoys trying new foods as well. It's been said in the past how intricate and unusual his palate has become (see that post HERE), but I rather prefer it because he enjoys similar things as I do now that he is older. 

Well today we were watching the infamous giraffe April (she's pregnant at the Denver Zoo) and my son decided he wanted a snack. He went to the fridge, got his ingredients, and then went into the room to watch Good Mythical Morning (see my post about them HERE). That's when I followed, but was quickly told to wait outside. 

At first I thought he just wanted some private time (he enjoys his peace apparently), but later I found out that he was up to something. He quickly said, "Just wait there, I'm doing something for you."

Completely oblivious yet anxious for my surprise, I [sort of] patiently waited for him to allow me into his room. Within the next couple of minutes he opened the door and had a plate filled with salami and mini pieces of cheese spread over each one. 

He proceeded to guide me into his room and said, "I'm the chef. I made a special dish for my favorite person. My mommy! You!"

I. Freaking. Melted. 

You guys. He could've asked me for ANYTHING at that point in time and I would've bent over backwards to give it to him. I was putty in his freaking hands and I embraced it. My eyes immediately began to fill with tears of pure joy and I [carefully] squeezed the crap out of my little guy.

He had literally split apart each piece of cheese carefully, showed me how to fold it like a burrito "to really enjoy it", and then said, "I'll make as many as you'd like". 

So we spent the last hour before bedtime watching GMM, eating salami with cheese, and simply enjoying our company together. It was a peaceful moment with pure love radiating within our hearts. 

These are the moments I will cherish forever. These are the moments that help me get through the hardest moments of my life. 

I looked at my padawan, squeezed him tightly, and said "You're my favorite person too and the best chef in the world."

It was then that I realized that no matter what life had to throw at me, it would be worth it to make this little angel smile. He's my bestfriend, my reason for living, my partner in crime, and most importantly, my son. 

Sometimes it take a simple gesture from your kids, to make you realize how truly blessed you are. 

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