Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mommy's Worn Thin.

Today was an extremely tough day for us as a duo (my padawan and I). 

You see while my son is home schooled, we've set it up to where he could get "enrichment classes" during the week, twice a week: Monday's and Wednesday's. These classes not only provided my son with a chance to learn alternatively with a small group hands-on, but it helped with socializing. Or so I hoped.

Well for the first few classes, he did great. Everything was smooth, until a few days ago when he decided to fight me to the end. He's struggling to be independent and stay in class without me. This has proven frustrating and very very tiresome for me. 

I have zero breaks. When my darling mother and wonderful step dad watch me son, most of the time it's to go to a church class. Granted they watched him so I could go out to an event for "me time", but holy macaroni. 

I love my son dearly, but I need DAYTIME mommy time. I'm wearing myself ragged to handle all the responsibilities of maintaining the household, homeschooling, and blog of course, but I have zero time to just relax while doing what I need to for myself. 

I've contemplated putting my son in regular school, but homeschooling was originally chosen to help challenge him and smoothly integrate him into society as a smart, confident boy. Well it seems to have backfired unfortunately.

Today we had to walk out of school to not further disrupt the other students and I could feel myself mentally breaking. 

Don't get me wrong, I can handle the stress and move past this trying time without falling apart completely, but I've grown exhausted of this homeschooling life. 

I love the school. I love the idea. I love the concept. I love the flexibility. I love the challenges. I love the personalized learning path. I just don't love that it's come to this. 

With everything going on, battling my 5 year old to go to school, and dealing with daily doings, I've just become too tired to blog something significant today. So I apologize, but this momma has worn herself incredibly thin. I need a bath and some rest. 

So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to stuff my face with a chocolate muffin, take a shower, and go to sleep, because today needs to come to an end for me. 

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