Thursday, March 30, 2017

PSA: An Important Security Camera Warning!!!

In yesterday's post I talked about the new security camera I purchased for our home to try and see if we had any paranormal friends lurking in the night throughout our hall. Well one thing I failed to mention - only because the story was shown just today - is that apparently it's a camera definitely NOT worth buying! 

Earlier tonight I was watching Inside Edition (a television program) and was shocked to hear a segment they had about a flawed security camera. To my further astonishment, it was the EXACT camera I not only purchased, but [sort of] recommended to you guys yesterday! 

I had an entirely different topic for today's post, but I felt that simply editing yesterday's blog post wouldn't be enough. 

In the segment that aired on TV tonight, they discussed a major flaw in the camera's system. A flaw that can allow tech savvy crooks remotely disable your camera, giving them time to not only enter your home and make off with your goods, but also do it without any notification from your [supposed to be] security camera. 

Great isn't it?

If I didn't have a reason to return it before (which I did), I sure had one today. Granted I personally wasn't using it as a security system, but knowing that most people would indeed purchase said camera to help keep their home (and family) safe. Knowing that it has such a deeply (and apparently unknown) flaw that could potentially put you at bigger risk, I just had to put this mini- PSA out there. 

As for other security camera's, I can't speak on their behalf. All I know is that this exact camera (the one from yesterday's post) was put to the test and failed miserably, therefore defeating my entire post yesterday and bringing to light a serious issue that Google (the company that makes the camera) should immediately address. 

If you wish to see the segment from Inside Edition, simply click HERE and watch for yourself! 

In the meantime, stay safe and keep on rockin' Jedi's. This camera may have put a damper on home security, but it doesn't have to be the end of tech savvy protection! 

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