Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Soul Is Tired.

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Life is a cruel and beautiful instance. It's filled with circumstances that make and break us. It's constantly showing us the little things we took for granted and probably will continue to take for granted as time goes on. We're always being persecuted by our own imaginations as adults and forcing creativity during less than desirable situations. 

When did we loose our mojo's? When did daily life become moments of "wake up, deal with today, go back to sleep." When did we stop living for ourselves without concern of other people's judgment? 

I myself have created a unique situation to which I'm having to remind myself of who I am on a daily basis. This isn't to say the situation is toxic or undesirable, but it's a reminder that I'm not stuck in the past. It's me choosing to not look back and move forward, even thought I so desperately want to hit pause on everything surrounding me. 

Pushing myself past the point of breaking, I'm stretching my inner soul into a figment of my imagination and no longer wish to anticipate what's to come. What this means about my life, I'm not quite sure, but what I do know is that I must grasp my own personal imagination from the depths of my mind and recapture what my vision has always been.

I've let my blog slip along with other things, because so much has come forth in my life that has kept me from fully releasing my personal information, out of fear for others to judge. I've looked back at prior posts, desperately wishing I could resurface in a week or so with a million new ideas ready to please all of you.

However that's not possible.

I know that you deserve better. Hell, I deserve better. This is why I've stopped putting the emphasis on consistently hitting my keyboard and more on quality of material. I do intend on keeping true to the daily routine, but I think I need to take a step back from reality and live in the fantasy for a while. 

I miss taking photos. I miss creating. I miss thrifting. I miss eating. I miss exploring. I miss reviewing. So I'm going to make a comeback.

For the past few months I've struggled to maintain my anxiety, motherhood skills, and the blogger life. I've held back. That's going to change.

Tomorrow I will provide an eating post that [I pray] will suffice as the end conclusion to this week, but this weekend I have plans. I have a plan to overcome this drought and bring forth the gold I've held onto. 

I'm tired you guys. I'm exhausted, broken, and questioning many many decisions. I'm tired. So for now I will bid you ado with yet another mediocre post, but I leave you with this. I'm coming back. I've said it before, but I've never been a tell-er. I'm a show-er. 

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