Friday, April 7, 2017

Food Feature Friday #24: Rewind Reviews and Recipes!

This past Wednesday I had officially reached 300 blog posts. I couldn't believe I had come that far and written that many posts. Granted a few of them are duds and I needed to just scrap that days intended work, but I did it nonetheless. 

While I'm not here to make up for my lack of celebration on the official day, I am here to celebrate in the best way I know how. Food.

My blog isn't all about food, but a good portion does include a tasty morsel here and there. In the mix I've done reviews for food products, recipes, restaurant reviews, and even a remake of a very popular item. Seeing as how there are quite a few of them, I thought today I'd take a moment to commemorate some of my all time favorite food posts to date! So without further ado, here's my personal top food posts:

*Hint: Click the links provided and it will take you to the original posting.

First up is a consistent hit in our home. The Doritos Chicken tenders. My son constantly asks for these and I don't blame him. They are a twist on a classic favorite (chicken tenders) by simply using Doritos as the breading. That was posted over a year ago and to this day, it's my all time favorite recipe!

One of the funnest recipes I worked with, was a recreation of Inn-N-Out's infamous "Animal Style Fries". It's not my own recipe, but rather a recreation of the recreation. I had found it through Facebook on a very popular page that tends to supply recipe videos of tasty meals. After testing it out myself, I was stunned by how delicious it truly turned out. 

In the past I did the "A to Z Food Challenge" which was difficult to say the least. Early on in the challenge I decided to do a post about desserts for the letter 'D'. Needless to say I was so excited, because I was trying a few new items that I probably wouldn't have necessarily glanced at otherwise. I know that desserts are the healthiest things in the world, but I'm a "sweets" person, so I can't help it. 

Another favorite of mine was when I found a new coffee for my favorite season. I knew Trader Joe's was big on "themed" items, but to find a coffee that I felt truly captured the holiday spirit was in itself a miracle to me. It meant sipping the season and letting the cheer warm my body with delicious goodness. Perhaps that sounds a bit dramatic to you, but that's just because you haven't tried that coffee! It is seasonal, but when it makes it's return, you can bet I'll be first in line to buy in bulk!

A unique review I did in the past was on a new grocer called "Baron's Market" that had popped up here in southern California. I was intrigued mainly due to the claims that it was of Whole Foods quality, with Trader Joe's prices. Seeing as Trader Joe's is my favorite grocer of all time and the prices are hard to beat for such splendid finds, I absolutely HAD to check it out. What I found was astonishing, but not exactly heart changing. It was a really fun day though! 

Donuts are a fundamental life element that literally will make or break my entire day. If a donut is sub-par to my desires, I simply feel "off" for the remainder of the day. If it's above perfection, I'm unstoppable. So for a Food Feature Friday, I had gone out in search of a delicious donut to review and came home with a decadent breakfast dessert for the books. In the post I mentioned how I would continue my donut quest in search of the all time donut and I still am! 

Last but certainly not least is my review on a very special breakfast eatery that holds a special place in my heart. It's beat out all the rest for me in San Diego and I can tell you that it's a hard place to beat. The Waffle Spot is more of a "local" place or a "tourist" place if you happen to stay at the right hotel. It's not often mentioned nor is it showcased, but I can tell you right now that after trying what many call "amazing", they are all insane. This spot...THIS is THEE spot. 

And there you have it. It's not a complete and total rundown of every single food review I've done, but that would take a while to compose and would mostly consist of links. 

If you wanted to check out more of my food posts, you can always click on the "categories" drop down box located on the top left side, and click "food". It will take you to every food post I've written about. 

I really enjoy food in general and there's been quite a few hits and misses, but to make this post a positive one, I thought I'd share the best of times I've had so far! 

So here's to a fabulous weekend, good eats, and adventures galore. Remember to keep on rockin' Jedi's!

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