Friday, April 14, 2017

Food Feature Friday #25: Oreo Churros!

This is something I've been absolutely THRILLED about sharing with you all. In the past I had seen a photo of a mysteriously decadent dessert that had me in awe. I was both intrigued and cautious, as I didn't know whether this was an alternate universe granting me my food dreams or if it was a reality that I needed to experience for myself. Well after browsing through our local Ralph's, I stopped dead in my tracks for what I thought was truly a myth. 

Oreo Churros. 

That's right, America's favorite cream filled cookie is now in churro form and people are freaking out! Granted they were technically released last year, but it wasn't until earlier this week that I was actually able to find these gorgeous $3.49 heavenly churros. 

They are sold in the frozen section at the grocery stores - close to the deep fried Hostess Twinkies - and the only thing keeping you from devouring these crispy crunchies, is a hot oven and a quick dip in the Oreo crumbles. 

The inside is ooey-gooey, but can be hot when fresh out the oven (so be careful). While they definitely resemble Oreo's at their finest, there's something about these scrumptious goodies that bring the beloved cookies to a whole new level. An outer layer of crunchy churro, filled with creamy goodness, sprinkled with Oreo crumbles. What more could you want?!

On the sweet scale, these are pretty up there. A glass of milk (or your version of milk - we do rice milk) is DEFINITELY needed to scarf a few down or even some ice cream. 

Personally I was astonished on how well this rendition of Oreo's was, considering their failed attempt (at least in my opinion) at different flavor filled cookies. Yes I do like a few of their "new flavors", but a few are really off the rocker to me. Candy corn, Peeps, and Swedish Fish are just a few of my nemesis. 

I think that the ease and mouthwatering aftermath of these churros are a gift from the food God's, that should be tried at least once in your life. With such a small price tag and a good quantity to suffice your craving (until you want more), I believe it to be worth it. 

Besides your regular grocery stores (Von's, Ralph's, Albertson's, etc.), they are also known to be sold at Walmart, superstores and regular stores. 

You can bet that after I finished the entire box of Oreo churros, I went to the store and bought more for late night snacking! 

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