Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Tasted The Unicorn Frappuccino!!! Here's My Thoughts.

Perhaps today isn't Friday, therefore it's not a "Food Feature" (don't worry, I still have a recipe for you guys) but seeing as how this magical drink is only available for 5 days, it's imperative that the review be released today. Also today was the official release day, so why not review it today. I'm of course talking about the mystical Unicorn Frappuccino! 

From now (April 19th, 2017) until April 23rd 2017, Starbucks has a very special Unicorn Frappuccino (while supplies last) up for grabs, but only if you believe. Luckily I'm a believer - I've even showcased Berta my unicorn backpack on my Instagram before - and I was able to get my sick butt out of bed to taste test the new phenomenon. 

Now this "flavor changing" drink is supposed to send your taste buds on a small roller coaster of flavors as you drink the frapp. With mango syrup, pink SOUR powder, sweet cream, and sour blue syrup, you should be in for a sweet yet tangy ride. Something I can truly attest to, is the power of the unicorn frapp sour, because the punch is real!

Let's start with the top portion, which is simply Starbuck's original whipped cream with pink and blue powder sprinkled on top. I wasn't sure what to truly expect, but seeing as how I am a fan of sour, I decided to taste a tiny bit by itself. 

Holy crap was it sour.

The powder mixture immediately gave me a "puckered" face, because the intensity was so surreal, I almost sit it out. Granted I wasn't prepared for the severity of the sour, but even the second taste was just as potent. Putting all other sour candies I have tasted to shame.

The drink itself is supposed to be mixture of sour and sweet, but with just a first sip I was taken immediately to a Vanilla Bean Frapp. After a few more sips I got the much less intense sour flavoring from the syrups, but to be frank I didn't taste the mango. Perhaps a minuscule amount of fruitiness, but to me it wasn't nearly as powering as the rest of it's ingredients. 

While drinking the frapp just as is isn't a crime or un-tasty, it isn't the way Starbucks apparently intended for it to be enjoyed. In fact, you're supposed to mix everything together to get the full effect of what the Unicorn Frapp is all about. So I did just that. I mixed it all together and while it wasn't nearly as pretty, it was tasty.

Overall the flavor itself didn't necessarily change, but as time went on I got bouts of sweet then punches of sour, ending with a subtle tart taste. The mango never fully came through for me, but perhaps you can taste it more than I could. 

It's a fun, silly drink that isnt bad tasting, but for the price I do feel like you're paying for the "show". I wouldn't call it a gimmick per se, but it was a little overpriced for my liking. However, saying that I was able to taste the sour/sweet mythical beast drink, was [to me] worth it. 

So if you have the opportunity to stop by Starbucks and have a hankering for a sour tasting adventure, try it out for yourself. But remember, it's only available if you believe!

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