Monday, April 17, 2017

Ikea Hack: The Perfect Duvet For Minimum Price!

Ah Monday. The day for many that brings frustration to a brand new work week. Luckily I'll be providing a really comfy hack to help create the perfect night sleep with minimal expenses! 

Duvet comforters more often than not, provide ultimate comfort when sleeping. They make you warm enough without overheating your body temperature to where you're sweating up a storm. Which - I know, TMI - can be frequent for me if I don't have the cold temperatures I prefer. Problem is that duvet comforters can be on the pricer side of the bedding spectrum, leading most people to steer clear of these cuddly blankets all together. Well I'm here to tell you there is a way for superb comfort without dropping over a hundred dollars on something you sleep with.

A while back I purchased a cheep comforter from Walmart for under $20. It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but it was a blanket. I passed my old one down to my young padawan, as he was absolutely obsessed with it and I had to use something.
After some time I came across IKEA's duvet sets, which were relatively cheap. Some were more expensive than others, but there were decent priced ones as well ($20 for example). But instead of just purchasing a brand new set I decided to check out the clearance section, which is constantly stocked with bedding supplies - pillows, blankets, comforters, and duvet covers.

It was my lucky day when all of a sudden I found a duvet cover on sale from $40 for the set, to only $15 for the cover. Best part? It was queen sized, which is exactly what I needed! Score!!!

Now I'm not saying you'll automatically have as good of luck at IKEA as I did, but I'm not saying you wont either! Regardless, you can look into one of their sets and even a $40 one would put you as less than half of what just a good duvet would cost! 

Once home I put the cover on the my Walmart comforter and boom! I had officially struck gold. It's the perfect sleeping companion and is not only cool, but keeps me sleeping in peace all night long and it cost me less than $40! 

I know that sometimes the feather down comforters can feel the most pleasant, but to me the "cotton" filled comforter from Walmart is actually a bit better, because I never have to worry about the feathers just flying around when making the bed. And believe me, it happens a lot. 

With my new found love - which I've had for about a year now - I sleep in perfect slumber, especially knowing that I paid way less than what the average person does. So if you want to get yourself into bed with a brand new duvet, try this hack and sleep in comfort. 

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