Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kung-Fu, Temper-Tantrums, And [Possible] Field Trip Planning.

Today was filled with errands and mommy duties, I'm exhausted.

First I had to make breakfast and clean up afterwards, then we went to meet with a Kung-Fu dojo to check out it's potential for future classes (for my padawan), came home to make lunch and clean up after that, fed Yoda, then came time for winding down.

Boy did that go over badly. 

My little guy has been having a hard time with the whole "pick up after yourself" concept. It's been a consistent issue for the last year or so, without fail, but I've done my best to keep a straight approach of "you need to pick up your toys".

You see, he loves to play and throw his toys all around his room, making it extremely difficult to walk around. It also frustrates me, because more often than not he will accidentally step on a breakable toy, crushing it and creating a fit out of that. 

I know it's not his fault and he truly just wants to play, but I also know how important it is to be consistent with the rules. If I bend them or give in, the tantrums will become even worse, setting me back months. 

Tonight [unfortunately] was another night of fit throwing when I asked him to clean up his room. It's literally been a battle for over an hour and once he finally finished, he had no left over time to play. Even bigger fit.

Now that I've finally gotten him into bed, washed the dishes, cleaned up the house, taken a shower, ate something for myself, and laid down, I've come to the conclusion that this mother is absolutely exhausted. I also remembered [a few moments ago] that we have a field trip early tomorrow morning, that requires about an hour drive. Yay.

What I'm struggling with is knowing that his fit's shouldn't be rewarded, but this was a class field trip that's been scheduled for weeks. I'm almost positive we will be going, but nothing is set in stone. 

All I know is that right now, I'm just not able to post anything significant other than this mini-tangent about how tired I am. I know, so thrilling, but when you've been awake since 6 am and ended the night with a tiresome tantrum, you really don't have a lot of energy.

So I bid you all farewell ti'll tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a fantastic Friday for all you Jedi's! Much love.

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