Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Men's vs Women's Razors.

It's no big secret that men's "beauty supplies" is notoriously known to be cheaper than women's products due to the popular "women's tax". The common question is, is there really a difference between the products besides the price. 

I have spoken briefly in the past about shaving products and what I personally use to minimize razor burn and bumps. One thing I haven't exactly shared, is that for the past few weeks I've been testing out two different razors: a Gillette razor for men and an off-brand Venus razor for women. 

The Gillette razor came to about $14, while the Venus off-brand came out to about $15 (the original Venus was $17). While both came additional blade replacements, I immediately noticed that the quality seemed slightly different. 

The Venus wannabe only had 3 blades, while Gillette had 5 and the moisture strips were blatantly different. After using both for a few days on my legs, I've come to the conclusion that the Gillette's moisture strip not only holds up better, but the actual blades themselves rust FAR less than quickly than Venus off-brand. 

Granted the women's razor isn't a top of the line brand, but from what I've experienced in the past I can confidently say that this particular off brand is identical to the original Venus brand.

Once a week had past, I noticed a few very important details with my skin: My skin was smoother with the Gillette razor, I have far less razor bumps [even after shaving every day], and my hair's weren't growing as quickly (yes I know, TMI). 

Even with shaving gel and using Aloe Vera, on my "Venus off-brand" leg, Gillette still gave me the closest smooth with far much more ease than the women's razor. Seeing as how Gillette is also the cheaper in price, AND it lasted longer (rust built up rather quickly on the Venus off-brand), I definitely will be making the switch to Gillette for my shaving needs. 

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