Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pretty Little Liars Premier: Hopes, Dreams, and Expectations.

First off I'd like to say that if any part of this is messed up, it's because I've unfortunately caught a bug that is currently kicking my butt. Now on to today's post. 

Pretty Little Liars is a world renowned series that not only has it's past seasons streaming on Netflix, but is currently in it's last season every Tuesday night on Freeform (previously known as ABC Family). I've talked about my mild obsession with this young adult show (see that post HERE) and now that the final 10 episodes have started, I thought I'd break down my thoughts of today's premiere along with a few hopes I have for the ending. 

With snacks in hand and cuddled all cozy-like in my bed, I settled into a comfortable spot to start watching. 

Today's episode brought us straight into the story line where we left off. Spencer was shot, Toby and Yvonne were in a car accident, Noel Kahn is dead (talk about a gruesome way to die, right?!), and Jenna is wandering around somewhere along with Spencer's supposed mother (I won't reveal what we learn about this, only to avoid spoilers). 

As the episode began to make sense of a few things, I felt myself immediately drawn back into the suspense that PLL has so adamantly kept at a steady pace throughout it's seasons. While I'm thrilled the season has started it's ending - it's bitter sweet for me to be honest - I'm concerned with the fact that we only have 10 episodes (9 if you don't count tonight's) left until the end. With so many questions unanswered and so many twists, I'm only hoping that the entire plot is clearly revealed without any sort of confusion. 

In tonight's episode, I will say that a few key details have been cleared up and some scenarios are starting to make sense - although someone's family tree just got a lot more interesting - and I can only hope that the same progression continues throughout the season. 

For example, who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? Who was Sara and Jenna looking for? Who were they working for? Who is A.D.? Who killed Sara and Charlotte? Who actually shot Spencer? Where is Wren and how is he involved? And who else is involved in the minuet details of the debauchery that the liars have gone through?   

Personally I have a strong feeling (mostly hope) that every question from the beginning shall be revealed with the same eloquence and smooth transitioning as the answers we received in tonight's episode. 

I do feel as though the writers haven't slacked off the quality of the show and while I truly will miss PLL, I'm a little happy it's coming to an end. With so much to think about and constantly trying to unravel the mystery of how A.D. got started, how the "game" transitioned from one "A" to the next, and why this is all taking place, I'm ready for some answers. And to be completely frank, once I get all my answers, I'll probably re-watch each episode looking for all the clues and seeking out the scenes I missed. 

So as I anticipate the ending, I'm looking forward to the [hopefully] continuously amazing quality and suspenseful episodes each Tuesday on Freeform. I can only hope my predictions are correct, but regardless I'm ready to see the face behind the black hoodie. 

Who do you think is A.D.?

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