Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Prison Break, 7 Years Later: Same Level of Greatness or Below Average Quality?

For all the Prison Break lovers out there, you were greeted with a premier continuation that aired tonight on Fox. Something that has been long awaited for those who were left with "heartache" almost 8 years ago. 

To give you all a mini cap of the last episode, *someone* died and *someone* was broken out of prison. Yes I'm aware of how vague I'm being, but it's just to keep the spoilers to a minimum. 

As for the episode that aired tonight, let me just start out by saying holy crap. I saw that coming, but I didn't see that coming. 

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Without giving too many spoilers - again, to help keep it to a minimum - tonight's episode was based on the "free brother" finding the truth behind the "dead brother's" death. With a smooth integration into tonight's episode, I truly felt they didn't skip a beat when it came to providing us with just enough details for the series' continuation. 

The story line so far has intrigued and the high intensity makes for an interesting Tuesday night. Overall with such a deep "beginning", I think that the show's director captivated their audience with just as much "pizzazz" as how it was once played. 

Characters make reappearances, new "villains" have been placed, and a twist that creates ponders left us all with more questions. 

While I wasn't a HUGE fan of Prison Break in the past, I do see that it's overall attribute is to keep people on their toes while providing an exhilarating plot. I don't think I will religiously watch the show as I would with other favorites of mine, but I do find myself curious into why the series is as it is now. 

This particular blog post is short, not due to lack of content, but specifically because I don't want to spoil anything for those who may not have watched it yet. I also wanted to leave it open-ended, for engagement from all of you. 

Did you watch the episode and if so, what did you think? How would you rate it? Will you continue to watch it? 

If you prefer I spoil it and give a more in depth episode breakdown, let me know and I can post it on Wednesday nights. Giving everyone a chance to watch the episode from the night before.

Personally I'm not a gigantic fan, but I don't hate it.

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