Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring Is Here, So Let's Celebrate!

First off I'd like to thank those of you who sent good vibes and prayers our way, even without knowing what was happening. I truly appreciate your kindness and understanding. Now let's get into today's post. 

Spring has come once again which is the tell-tell sign for a few "big" things in this household. My birthday is very close, Pretty Little Liars is going to be starting up again, bee's will soon be fluttering throughout our apartment's bushes, flowers are starting to bloom, spring cleaning has begun, Easter is around the corner, and picnics are going to be more suitable! 

These are "big" to me. 

While I don't normally decorate for Spring in particular, just as I wouldn't for Fall, I know that decor is ever changing in many families households to "commemorate" the changing seasons in a joyous manner. Others simply take it as a time for warmer weather or spring showers and while I'm not anti-decor OR anti-no decor, I do enjoy browsing for potentials in the dollar range. So when I took a trip to Target and noticed a few adorable pieces of happiness, I just couldn't contain my excitement! I knew I had to share with you guys the awesomeness that is awaiting!

In the past I've noticed that people tend to completely surpass Dollar Tree (or your version), the dollar section at stores, and the clearance aisles. They claim that there is nothing but junk scattered about and while there does tend to be quite a bit of "useless" items to me in particular, that doesn't mean they aren't worth peaking at for others [or myself]. In fact, I think that the quality in products and the variety has started to increase in a positive direction. 

This past trip I found Easter AND Spring related items that I decided to share with you guys. I'm only going to show you a few items, just to help give you an idea on how you could inexpensively spruce up your home this season, regardless if you celebrate Easter or not!

One item that I found at Target that wasn't in the dollar section on purpose (someone must have stuffed it there by accident), but just as equally adorable is a $4.99 pillow case (only one) that says "I'm really a mermaid". Now if that doesn't scream fabulous, I don't know what does. Granted it's a bit of a steep price, but for additional cuteness in the bedroom and a smidge of "personalization", I had to. 

Don't worry, the next items are all actually found in the dollar section of Target.

Next up is a pack of super cute "decal" styled stickers, that you can put on windows or mirrors. It has one that says "Hello Spring" in a banner form, along with a super cute bicycle cruiser, flowers, and butterflies. 

For the gardeners out there, they had a super duper adorable sign (chain attached on the backside) that read "gardeners know all the dirt". I absolutely love my mini garden and I truly enjoy planting/watching my seedlings grow. There's something so peaceful and tranquil about creating something new within a few days. This little sign spruces up the garden and welcomes spring with pizzazz.

Lastly in the dollar section, I found a cute little banner that reads "hello spring". Each letter is individually hung on it's on little "card". The "happy" portion has a shiny gold colored strip on the bottom of each letter and the "spring" portion has polka dots scattered around each letter. Each letter is a different pastel shade and it's all hung on a blue silky ribbon. With this banner, you'll have a simple yet "homey" piece of decor, perfect for a party or just because. 

With everything combined, you could potentially have a snazzy little living room/home for any guests who make waltz on by or simply for your little family to enjoy!

There were many other items throughout the dollar section that can also help you achieve the ultimate spring home, including: fake plants, baskets, "egg trees", note cards, additional signs, pillows, mats, napkins, place mats, cups, and so much more. 

So if you're planning on throwing an Easter party, a spring party, or a birthday party, now is the time to scoop up your decorations at Target's wonderful dollar section. Because what's better than paying a little for a lot of awesomeness!

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