Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Lot In Liberty Station: A Movie Theater For Royalty Review.

Today I bring to you all a very special review that I think will personally entice all movie goers, specifically in San Diego!

I love viewing movies on a big screen TV with a bowl of popcorn and some candy, the only thing I don't like is the [often] minimal comfort, squashed seating, overpriced food, and the hefty ticket price that comes with it all. Granted my mother and step-dad brought me onto a really neat theater that put it hard for any others to beat. They had excellent prices, a neat little selection of goodies, and seats far more comfortable than the average theater. Well today I experienced next level. 

I may not be a movie theater connoisseur, but I can tell you this right now. The movie theater I ventured into tonight, stepped up the bar to a level I didn't know was possible. I'm talking about "The Lot" located in Liberty Station.

This movie theater is "dinner and a movie" wrapped into one, with service delivered directly to your lightly lighted lazy boy recliner. You simply purchase your tickets at the front desk in a building that closely resembles an upscale condo building. The outside is a dining area and a bar, again upscale, with tango lessons going on at the time I left. 

Walking down the "celebrity home like" hallway, I walked into a theater only to find that perhaps 40 seats were all that you could seat, perfectly spaced with plentiful of room for each guest. 

Your seats are paired into groups of two and each seat is a recliner with the cold material you're used to with leather seats. With the AC going I was a little on the chilly side, but that's something I've grown used to. You also have a tiny reading style light on your side, giving you just enough light to eat/order food, without disturbing the movie experience for others - or yourself. 

Your leg room is also spacious beyond belief, because the servers need to get by even with seats fully reclined, making this the optimal movie option for those who require more leg room. 

Service for food is prompt and friendly, allowing you to have a server at your beck and call by simply clicking a discreet button that alerts them they're needed. Food and drinks are decently priced to their portions, but I will say that after tasting a few of their items, not everything is "worth it". 

I had the opportunity to try the fish tacos, some chips and guacamole, a kids pizza, and some buffalo chicken tenders. Of course I also got some popcorn and candy, but that's neither here nor there. 

The fish tacos were seasoned well, but the fish inside was a bit too big for the tiny tortillas. This made for extra battered fish without any shell to devour it with. The chips were seasoned with a "Tajin" style seasoning, making them extra salty, but the guac was decently prepared. The kids pizza was a little too "rubbery", surely not sufficing under my padawan's standards, but it wasn't bad either. A step up from kids pizza, but I'd take a personal pan Pizza Hut pizza from Target any day over this one. The chicken tenders were the worst of the bunch, having a bit too much vinegar in the buffalo sauce and having a "drenched" breading underneath, giving the chicken tenders a "soggy" taste.

I will say however, that the soda, popcorn, and candy were up to par with regular movie theaters, just slightly better since they were directly delivered to me. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed laying back and relaxing in a spacious recliner with so much room around me, I didn't necessarily enjoy the food. Service was impeccable, but again it's only as good as the product itself. 

Overall the experience was something of unique respectability. I do wish to sit down and enjoy a meal here, as the view and scene was beyond mesmerizing, but as far as eating while watching a movie here again...I'll be honest, I'm probably going to pack my own snacks. I know, I know, it's quite frowned upon, but I'm not spending extra.

As far as the ticket price vs the experience, I'm undecided. Close to $20 a ticket for a reclining seat and leg room may be a bit stretch if you don't actually enjoy the food, but perhaps it's worth it with the fact that whatever you'd like will be delivered to you, making your trips to the concession stand mute. 

I do think I'll be returning during the daytime to enjoy Liberty Station fully after a flick here with my padawan (perhaps a pajama day), but I'm not sure if it will be a replacement for my current movie theater love. It's an upscale movie goer experience and plenty of options for dining, so perhaps you will truly find something amazing. I would HIGHLY recommend heading to "The Lot" for yourself, because in general it's an experience of a simple lifetime. 

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