Monday, May 29, 2017

Adventure in Los Angeles!

A small additional tid-bit about me, I'm a sports fan. Played soccer for over 15 years, grew up with football blaring throughout the whole house every season, watched every high school sports game, and even dabbled in softball during baseball season. Needless to say, my favorite thing to do besides playing sports is watching them.

There's something so majestical about watching a team "dance" with one another on a field aiming for one goal. Poetic even. Alright so maybe not so artsy, but it's down right freaking awesome. Something I plan on trying to instill in my padawan is sports. Of course I won't force him into anything, but keeping him active is a huge goal of mine. Seeing as how my dad is a sports fan as well, we all decided to go for a mini day-cation up to good ol' Los Angeles to catch the infamous Dodger's game. 

I was super eager to have this adventure for a few reasons. I wanted to use my new bag from my recent haul (see HERE) and I knew this meant the beginning of a summer long

On Saturday the Dodger's were playing last year's World Series champions, the Chicago Cubs. My dad has been a HUGE Dodger's fan for years and years, but had yet to see the Dodger's play in their stadium. So we all - we being my dad, his girlfriend, my offspring, and myself - took the 2 hour+ drive to LA for a day of baseball fun!

First we woke up super early for my little guy's karate class - working closer to his yellow belt (he just started). Then we rushed home, finished packing our day bags, and got picked up to hit the road. 

I will say that my motion sickness decided to be such a pain in the arse. I ended up taking a Dramamine - note to self: take BEFORE a long drive when I'm a passenger - but only felt better until we arrived. 

On our way there, we passed through "Chinatown", which I had never had the pleasure of seeing. Something I don't necessarily think I'll specifically set out to see, but it was pretty cool to see the region and it's "themed" train station. I can only imagine what that part of town must look like during Chinese New Year's. 

With mild traffic adding 10 minutes to our arrival time - baseball fans heading to the same place we were - we finally made it to our destination. 

Of course it took us another 20 minutes to get parking, walk to the gate, get checked in, and find our seats, but once we did the view was awesome. Not in a zone preferable for foul balls unfortunately, but no complaints here. 

First thing we did after finding our seats was of course get food. But of course, my little guy and I were starving and ate the entire "hat" of Carne Asada nachos before I could snap a pic. 

The food wasn't anything to brag about - really I have yet to find a sporting event with impeccable eats, so I wasn't shocked - but we got a really cool souvenir baseball helmet, which our nachos came in. 

After the top of the 8th the game came to the end with the Cubs not scoring a single point, it all came to an end. Dodger's won, our stomachs were full, and we all had a blast! 

Like I said, there's something so peaceful and nostalgic about going to a sports game for me. Perhaps it's the reminiscing on my childhood, but being able to have these moments with my son is greater than words could begin to describe. 

With everything said and done, we anticipated stopping for a Philippe French Dipped Sandwich on the way home, but there was no time (it was already getting late), we were all exhausted, there were WAY to many people, and our tummys were still full from the goodness we scarfed down while enjoying the game.

Saying goodbye to LA was bittersweet. I wanted to eat more good food and see some more things, but I was anxious to get home into my comfy bed. I will say that I do plan on making a return trip to venture on good eats at the least! 
Overall it was a great day, with loads of memories, but it's good to be back!

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