Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Another Day, Another Story.

Ugh, today has been a day for the books. 

First I woke up to hearing loud construction take place outside of my window - apparently the maintenance guy decided to saw metal chairs at 7 am, then I couldn't fall back to sleep. So I decided to get up, start the day, and make some coffee. 

I screwed up my coffee [again] twice. I almost screamed at my self I was so frustrated. 

Then I was getting ready to take some photos for my step-dad when I had to basically play marco polo with Yoda to put him back in his tank. After finding him hiding behind his food basket, we were able to set off on the road.

Once I finished up with the photos, I rushed over to a local hospital to pick up a close family friend of mine. She had an unfortunate circumstance happen yesterday, but thankfully she's doing much better now. 

With everything said and done, we headed home so I could finish up some last minute crafting for my new business. Luckily everything came to a nice steady calm afterwards, allowing us to relax for the rest of the day. 

I'm finally able to sit down and truly relax though, because I was still handling mommy duties. So since my padawan is passed out, I can eat, watch tv, and sleep the night away. 

I know, I'm such a party animal.

Tomorrow is an other full day for us though. Karate, errands, house chores, schooling, and editing the pictures.

I've also been working on having "me" time, which basically means crafting on the side. This gives me the ability to calm my anxious nerves and take care of my mental state. 

Something I've learned from over the years is this: Always take care of yourself first or else you can't take care of your padawans. Until tomorrow Jedi's!

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