Monday, May 1, 2017

Crafting, Reading, Mommyhood and Giveaways!

Happy Monday Jedi's! 

This weekend has been filled with business ventures, mommy tests, and a tiny amount of mommy time sprinkled throughout. 

First off I'd like to announce that a super special giveaway is coming very soon, which is one of the things I've been putting together this past weekend. I won't be giving any clues just yet, but when it starts I will [of course] make a huge announcement! So don't get your knickers in a bunch, you haven't missed anything. Simply stay tuned to be the first to enter! 

I've been working on creating a business that will allow me to apply my love of crafting and artistic skills. It's something I've played around with in numerous different ways, but this time I have a different...less common angle. Again I won't be releasing anything major just yet, but only because I want to have a good variety ready to showcase before really pushing this thing off the ground. 

In all honesty, I'm working on two business ideas, but one of them is required to help set off the second. 

This past week I was also able to stop by my local book store to pick up a new read. It's called "My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry" by Fredrick Backman. I'm super excited to read this story, because it seems like something very relate able to a certain situation I've gone through in the past. It's also my favorite way to spend my bath's.

Lately I've been into reading books that help me connect to the reality that I carefully live, trying to avoid anything super adventurous. I think this is because I've just grown weary of moving forward from my childhood. 

You see, my grandmother passed away (2 years ago this July) and it hit me in various ways. It made me face one of my biggest fears, which was loosing her. 

There are other people I'm terrified to lose, but my grandma was one of the top people I adored, making her passing incredibly difficult to my soul.

When she left, it made me gain this numb emptiness that led me to live as a silhouette of my former self. I have made tremendous progress with my self improvement, but I haven't gone out to explore as much as I'd have liked. I have indeed become a self-proclaimed temporary introvert. 

It's a work in progress, but in the meantime I do what I can to focus on my mental health, constantly focusing on the forward thinking of the future. So being able to put extreme effort into launching something [hopefully] successful, which in turn will be the first stepping stone into my dreams becoming a reality, while still taking time to read a book that helps me connect to my subconsciousness, is important to me beyond comparison.

Sorry for that mild poetic mumbo-jumbo. I tend to ramble on about the inner workings of my mental state and the ponders that take up my "down time". 

Overall my weekend was filled with ideas, sketches, designs, brainstorming, mommy duties (of course), and reading when I have the chance. Luckily I'm almost done with my book, which means I'll be able to provide a review! 

A little preview of the week: tomorrow my padawan gets to test the waters in Kung Fu, I have photography job this Wednesday (bet you didn't know I was a photographer, did ya?), Thursday we will be looking into outfits for a special event, which is taking place Friday.

Now this isn't to say that my blog posts will be filled with those topics. I actually have other content to share, but I thought I'd give some insight into my hectic schedule. Thankfully the night is done and this momma can rest her sleepy head knowing that the house has been attended to.

Goodnight Jedi's and don't forget to keep on rockin'!

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