Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Discount Tires" Review and Replacement

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A few weeks back I had a disastrous time trying to figure out what was wrong with my constantly flat tire. I was convinced there was a nail or some sort of puncture that I simply couldn't see. After numerous attempts of seeing if I could fix the problem, I decided to throw in the towel and head to the place I purchased the tires not a year ago. Discount Tires.

As long as I've had my car, I've also been advised by my father to go to Discount Tires. I haven't really dealt with another company directly when it comes to tires, but I have dealt with others when family and friends replaced theirs. While I can't exactly speak on a consistent basis of whether or not those are pristine companies, I can speak on my experiences with Discount Tires.

I'll be honest, I was concerned that I'd have issues with Discount Tires seeing as how my tires had been on for almost a year [technically they're still under warranty], but to my surprise the entire ordeal was easy going.

Mini Story Time: In March I did a home security camera review (see that post HERE), where I talked about our unconfirmed ghost that lurks around our house at night - I'm still convinced there is one. Well as odd things were happening inside the house, a similarly disturbing instance had taken place outdoors with my car, that is still unsolved. Apparently someone had pushed something into the tire through the air hole, causing it to not hold the tire pressure. Someone had "goofed" when putting in air, so the man at Discount Tires said. Problem is, no one had filled the tire with air prior to this instance. That tire was perfectly fine the entire time, so hearing that statement made my heart sink to my stomach. My first thought was, "someone messed with my tires, possibly trying to intentionally destroy my tire". Of course this could be an anxiety thing, but the idea itself is enough to label me spooked.

They told me the tire wasn't salvageable and needed to be completely replaced. Again I was convinced that I'd have to shell out big bucks for one new tire and I'd have to set aside my entire day to get this situation handled. Again I was proven wrong on every level.

Discount Tires told me the process shouldn't be more than 30 to 45 minutes and if I strayed from the store (which I did, because there was a Target across the street), they could text me with a notification that my car was ready to go. Seeing as how I was confident it would take longer than their estimated time frame and I needed a few things from Target, I set off strolling down the street, Padawan holding my hand, ready to kill time. Two aisles in, my car was ready.

WHAT?! I barely got to browse! I mean, I still got the things I needed (spent less than 45 minutes there, that's a new record for me), but I was still shaking my head in disbelief. I imperturbably walked to Discount Tires, sure they'd tell me it was a mistake or they just needed some more information. Apparently today was "prove me wrong" day, because they did just that.

Upon walking up to the front door, I saw my little car sitting there as if to say "let's do this!". Slightly confused, I walked up to the first available stand and said "I got a text my car was ready." With some information they pulled up my file, grabbed my keys, asked if I wanted to pay the $7 for a year of "replacement insurance" (which I did purchase incase of future possibilities). With everything settled, I was on my way.

Once I got home however, I noticed that my hubcap was cracked from where they replaced my tire. Now I'm not a tire expert nor do I know much about cars in general, so when I realized the crack I played it off. Fast forward 2 days and POP goes the hubcap while I'm driving down the freeway. That's right, it went flying to the side (thank God) and I was hubcap-less. I surely wasn't going to stop on a busy freeway to retrieve a broken hubcap, that's for sure. So I made a phone call to the Discount Tires I had dealt with and thankfully they were immediately responsive to my situation with efficiency.

The gentleman on the phone gave me an email address, acknowledged their "wrong doing" (really it was a simple mistake/accident), and told me they'd order and replace the hubcap at no cost to me. How freaking awesome is that?!

I mean I know it's the "normal" thing for a company to fix their mistakes, but with zero hassle and full compliance with their warranty, I was still so incredibly shocked by how amazing they tended to my hubcap needs. No playing hot potato with telephone calls, no customer service hotline with a million details needed, just a simple pic and email to get my "problem" fixed. Thank you Discount Tires.

All of the instances that I've dealt with Discount Tires have been positive and really uphold the "customers first" quote, but this ordeal really put them over the top. I was impressed and pleased with how they handled everything, making me a future repeat customer continuously.

While I know tires aren't the greatest topic in the world, I felt this was an important review for anyone (especially parents) that dread dealing with tires, because I know all too well how tiresome it can feel to spend an entire day dealing with nonsense. No one has time for that! Especially you wonderful Jedi's!!!

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