Friday, May 5, 2017

Food Feature Friday #28: La Bella Restaurant

I don't necessarily have a food feature for you guys today, but that's because I barely got home and I'm so tired I can barely concentrate on typing this. 

We had the family event I spoke about earlier this week and it was at this little place called La Bella Cafe and Games. It reminded me of Dave and Busters, with a bar styled eatery on one side. Upstairs there were two "party" rooms, where you could host a small get together. We also got had a buffet of food prepared for the party with La Bella. 

The food itself was "Italian": salad, lasagna, pizza, fettuccine, bread, and chicken wings. Drinks were coke, sprite, or water. 

Everything was paid for by the party throwers, so I can't give an accurate representation of the price. The food quality was about as good as Olive Garden. Not a top of the line restaurant, but not low quality either. 

The pizza had a very nice flavor with a thicker cheese than I normally like, but the ratio itself wasn't completely off. The bread wasn't extremely thin, with just enough fluff. The salad I didn't try, so no review on that, but I did pick off a few veggies which were crisp and fresh. The lasagna was extremely cheesy, to the point where I simply couldn't taste or feel anything else. Too much for my liking. The fettuccine was excellent with a rich and creamy taste, sprinkled with well seasoned and prepared chicken. Delicious. The bread seemed to an attempt on garlic bread, without the garlic, so I wasn't a giant fan. Not really even sure what type of bread it was. The chicken wings reminded me of the wings I'd purchase at Vons for game day, leaving me wanting more and more.

The ambiance of the place was a more relaxed environment, while remaining civil and not terribly kept. 

Overall the experience was nice and the staff was efficient beyond belief, refilling any empty trays and catering to our needs without interfering in the celebration. However, while I don't know the price to this place, I still don't think I'd throw a party here. If you want something extremely simple and resembling a finished and furnished attic, then perhaps this would be the place for you. The main bar is downstairs and there's an arcade in the same lot. Otherwise, this wouldn't be the place for you. 

To be honest, it reminds me a grown up Boomers. Not exactly classless for a party, but home would be nicer [in my opinion].

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