Friday, May 19, 2017

Food Feature Friday #30: Brazen BBQ Smokehouse

When you have a sick padawan, you do all you can to avoid leaving the house. Obviously there
are times when it's necessary, but thanks to the latest delivery services you can get almost anything brought to your door within the hour. Now I don't go and utilize these services for household essentials - medicine, toilet paper, etc. - but I do have food delivered. Including today.

Seeing as how I really didn't feel like going out in snot-ridden clothing from wiping a runny nose all day, I went ahead and ordered from the infamous "Uber Eats" app (which I've had a like/hate relationship with, including a semi-bad experience today). While I definitely could've gone an alternative route when it comes to ordering, I bit the bullet and just used the easily accessible app to order some lunch. 

After finally making a decision on what and where to eat - including a few issues that arose, but we won't get into that - I ordered from a local eatery called "Brazen BBQ Smokehouse". 

Now, I'll be completely frank and just say that I do believe I've eaten here before years ago, but I can't be 100% sure. Nor do I even remember what the food would've tasted like, so this still counts.

Within 40 minutes the food was delivered and man was it a feast indeed.

The entire order consisted of the "Bolt's Platter for Two" and an order of their "Brazen's Best in the West Chili". "The Bolt's Platter for Two" was 3 proteins, 3 sides, and a bread of your choice. We went with tri-tip, brisket, baby back ribs, brazen fries, collard greens, crusty macaroni and cheese, and texas toast. This alone was $34.98. The "Brazen's Best in the West Chili" came with a side of cornbread for $10.99 for the of a bowl (their largest). Total price was $45.97, surpassing my initial want. Regardless I found that it sufficed beyond lunch, because the quantity was grand. 

As for quality, let's break everything down:

The meat was extremely tender, falling off the bone with every bit of a rib and melting in your mouth for the other meats. Everything came dry - with roughly the same seasoning for each meat type - but all the sauce (including ketchup) came on the side to reduce "sogginess". I truly appreciate this. 

The sauce was a sweetish BBQ, sticking closely with the traditional style sauce, but with a mild kick that resembles the taste of paprika, but not exactly. 

The brazen fries weren't exactly crisp, but the cajun style was appetizing. The collard greens were very good, not as good as I've had from authentic soul food eateries, but delicious nonetheless. The crusty macaroni was slightly disappointing, as it didn't have the crunch I really hoped it would on top, but I'm not complaining. It was a extra creamy, rich with cheese, and reminded me of a "gooey" mac and cheese, without so much "string". The texas toast and cornbread weren't up to exact par of what I'd really desire, but again nothing to extraordinary to complain about. After all, it is bread that was delivered so freshness isn't exactly expected. 

As for the chili, it was a chunky texas style with all the "fixens". It truly had that authentic hearty flavor with boldness and crisp beans. A beautiful combination of smooth and chunky. 

Everything was tasty, but not exactly the prime deal of BBQ. While I'm not this crazy fanatic, nor do I have a broad experience when it comes to authentic southern food, but I do have some experience in tasting meaty eats slathered in brisk sauce. I have this to say: I've eaten better. I don't feel this was particularly worth the price for the taste, but it's not something I'd pass up. The quantity and quality did suffice beyond hopes, just not the exquisite flavor I was looking for. My meat cravings were completely hindered by the dishes due to the amount and flavor, but again, it's not something I'd rave about. Will I return or order again? Probably not. Will I avoid it at all costs? Not necessarily.  

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