Friday, May 26, 2017

Food Feature Friday #31: Ding Dong's With a Twist!

Happy Friday all you gorgeous Jedi's! 

Today I bring to you all another Food Feature Friday for all the sweet lovers out there. In a past post, I showcased a pretty awesome find similar to today's feature (see that post HERE). Today I'll be showcasing a similarly awesome find called Ding Dongs, but in ice cream from!

That's right, the infamous Ding Dongs are now available in a similar fashion, but frozen and semi-altered to resemble an ice cream sandwich. 

While browsing through the frozen food aisle, the well-known logo caught my eye. Confused as to why it was in the frozen section, I glanced over expecting to see a misplaced box of Ding Dongs, when to my surprise I saw that they were actually ice cream! Well of course I had to grab a box to test it out and see just how similar it was to the real thing. 

After dinner that night, I dove into my new box of goodies in full anticipation of what was to come. Expecting to bite into a fully crunchy chocolate with ice cream, I was surprised. Granted if it was just a hard shelled ice cream, it would resemble Klondike bars too much. 

You know those ice cream sandwiches that are soft on the outside? The ones that stick to your fingers if you hold onto it too long. Now imagine that coated in a thin layer of hard-shelled chocolate. That's what this was.

Ding Dong wise, it didn't really remind me of my beloved secret "fake cakes" as I call them. Was it good? Yes, but the "soft" layer inside wasn't really my cup of tea. I mean, I get the concept: trying to mimic the Ding Dong style and perhaps this was the actual inside, but it did not serve the ice cream well. Also, the outside reminded my more of a Klondike bar than anything else. 

Sadly I don't feel the company sufficed with recreating the Ding Dongs in frozen dessert form. With some mild altering though, it could be just as delicious. For now though, I won't be repurchasing these. They only set me back $3.29, but I can say without a doubt I'd rather purchase a coffee and a muffin. 

Another interesting dessert find I found next to the Ding Dongs, were Twinkies Ice Cream cones! These are distinctly different than the actual Twinkies, while still having golden sponge cake as part of the recipe. 

I opted out for the Twinkies ice cream, but I don't necessarily think I'll be jumping to try it. Since this was a sad flop for me [and I'm not a fan of cones], I don't have any desire to try it. 

Well Jedi's even though my newest find turned out to be a dud for me, that doesn't mean our weekend has to be! Have an awesome and amazing Memorial Day weekend my loves. Stay safe, smile wide, and remember to keep on rockin'!

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