Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Goodwill and Disney Haul!

Today I was lucky enough to sell a few items to take a spontaneous trip to good ol' Goodwill and you know me, if I have time I'm going! 

I had been trying to sell a comforter set and luckily I got a hit, selling the set for a decent profit. With some extra spending cash, I decided to go to lunch with my little guy and browsed through Disney store. I really went to double check some Star Wars tsum tsums that are set to be released on the 25th in the UK, but with no announcement on when they'd be released in the US I decided to go straight to the source. Unfortunately they weren't exactly sure on the status of the Star Wars 40th anniversary set, but they did point me in the right direction to find out some answers. 

While I was heading out, a gorgeous little shiny bag caught my eye with Sully gleaming at me from afar. Immediately I rushed over to pick up the adorable backpack, squealing with glee hoping the price wasn't over price - which it normally is at Disney. 

Luckily to my surprise, the bag was on sale from $16 (still a reasonable price n my eyes) down to only $8! Half off?! Heck yes!

This cute bag is tsum tsum themed with a clear plastic shiny "rainbow" exterior and a drawstring fabric bag inside, keeping your items safe with tsum tsums plastered all over it. It's meant to be "swim bag", which to me just means "drink proof" seeing as how I'm more often than not lugging around a water bottle or two. The "lock" is a magnetic Sully, closing and opening with ease. 

I'll be heading out on a trip this weekend, so this will be the perfect bag to tote around my belongings while keeping my hands free to explore. 

Avoiding anymore sporadic expenses, we headed out to the local Goodwill, checking out what new finds were awaiting my love. 

The moment I stepped in it was like nostalgia for my soul. The smell, the sight, everything made me so incredibly happy. I don't have a shopping problem, I simply have a Goodwill problem. I keep my budget under control, but man do they pull at my heart strings with their amazing stock. 

First up I found a hair crimper that I've been DYING to find. I love having poofy crimped hair, but braiding my hair every single night after a shower has grown tedious. Granted this will still take time, not to mention add extra head to my hair, but to me it's worth it to not have the strange lines that come with braids being separated. 

Of course I cleaned it and disinfected it - just in case - but it works like a true charm. You can bet I'm utterly excited and will be testing this out tomorrow after my shower. I tested it out on the ends of my ponytail only to be pleased with the results. So far so good.  

The heat temperature has 10 levels, making heat control easier. I'm not completely sure what brand it is, but for $3 I scooped it up with ease confidently anticipating on the goodness to come. 

Afterwards I found three clothing items that I couldn't pass up on. 

I've been wanting a long sweater coat (no I'm not exactly sure what it's specifically called, but go with it) for quite a while and even though it's almost Summer with high temps, I knew when Winter comes around I'll be extremely proud of this find. 

Instead of paying the hefty price that I've often seen with these types of sweater coats - anywhere between $20 to $60 - I only paid a measly $6! Can you believe it? Such a small price for comfort and warmth. This is why I buy off season, because the best deals are for those you won't be using at that moment. But when the appropriate weather makes headway, you'll be glad you paid way less than others around. 

The other two were shirts: a powder blue exercise shirt and an extra large TMNT shirt. 

The exercise shirt is perfect for exercise days and errands. Even going to the zoo will be slightly more comfortable. My old shirt was starting to fade with all the usage, so this made for a perfect replacement only costing me $3. 

The TMNT shirt was a comfy find priced at $3 as well, giving me another oversized shirt to cover my behind when wearing leggings (i.e. like my cat, taco, pizza shirt - see that post HERE). 

Next up I found a super cool cookie cookbook, making me the future queen of cookietown. For $2, I now have my hands on a really neat book that literally gives me a recipe per page, on how to make some intricate and tasty looking cookies. Wafers and biscottis are just two other recipes mixed into this book of deliciousness. 

I truly became inspired to do a bunch of pastries and goodies, seeing as how I'm a baker at heart. With such a sweet tooth, I'm constantly looking to make goodies and now whenever I play host - if family comes over, on holidays, or just because - I will have an excuse to hit the oven. I've always been a fan of tea parties, so now I can make the "crumpet" part. 

Another super simple $1 find was a three drawer mini organizer, perfect for my artistic clay creations (stay tuned for that reveal!). 

I love these because not only do they provide organization, but they take up hardly any space. With such tiny sculptures laying around, I was worried they'd get destroyed or broken so this was a simple solution. 

Granted I could've purchased this anywhere, but to have only paid $1 I found it to be a beneficial and smart purchase to keep my precious beauties out of harms way.

Last but certainly not least, I found this gorgeous BRAND NEW Betsy Johnson laptop bag for only $12! 

I've seen this brand - and bags - go for far more than $12 and because I've been carrying around my laptop in my purse, creating added wait (and a little fear that my purse was going to break), I now have something to easily transport my work stuff. Making my life a breeze is exactly the purpose of this gorgeous briefcase.  

I will say that I was a little sad there was no messenger bag strap, but because my purse (see that post HERE) has a detachable strap AND it closely resembles the color scheme, I can simply use it if necessary. Although I think I'd rather use the short handles to keep it close.

Overall I spent around $40 and found some amazing finds. Some brand new and some used, but all of them are loved just the same. 

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