Thursday, May 4, 2017

May The Fourth Be With You All!

It's here once again and to be completely honest, it's incredibly close to the feeling of Christmas for me. Granted we don't have extensive decor to display throughout the house in honor of this awesome holiday, but the celebratory vibe is easily felt when in range of me. I literally woke up this morning incredibly excited just to sport my Star Wars shirt and tell people "Happy May the 4th!". 

I constantly get asked, "Why are you so obsessed with Star Wars?". Well besides the intricate story that provides for a fascinating space scenario with incredible imagery, it also provides an escape from reality. Similar to books and their ability to take you into a different world through your mind, watching Star Wars makes me imagine the same euphoric scenarios, where I myself would be a Jedi knight. 

I also admire the strength and will power of the Jedi's, which is something I constantly strive for even to this day. Patience, kindness, power, and versatility throughout my daily life means a successful day. While not always easy to achieve, it's never impossible. Plus Yoda gives the best advice that we as earthlings can take to heart.

Perhaps Star Wars is a "nerdy sci-fi" to most, but to me it's my love. It allows me to never grow up - which I really don't plan on doing completely - but also showing me that differences between myself and others aren't always a bad things. 

Anakin had his anger, Luke had his doubt, Leia had her stubborn behavior, but yet they are all considered hero's in some form or another. Flaws are what make us all unique and the way we handle them is what makes us gain a stronger mentality to deal with the stresses of everyday life. That alone is something I need to work on. 

I've always thought about getting a Star Wars tattoo on May the 4th and while that didn't exactly happen hasn't escaped my future wishes. I know people will say "Seriously?!", but reminding myself to not let the dark side overtake me and turn me into something I'm truly not, is a memory I never want to forget. Knowing that there is always good in people, regardless how deep inside it's being hidden, gives me hope. Something else I've learned from Star Wars? All you need is hope. 

So Jedi's remember: you're awesome, you rock, you're stronger than any dark side, have patience, and hold onto that hope. 

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