Monday, May 22, 2017

Mini Diffuser: Blissful Scents or Disastrous Smells?!

I have been known to go on episodic OCD fits where I clean and spray things to make my house smell good. While I'm not necessarily a big fan of Febreze, I tend to use incense in the bathroom and cleaning supplies to "scent" the living room. Well recently I came across a neat little item at Bed Bath and Beyond, that I think renders a review.

For $9.99 (minus to 20% off coupon), I picked up a "Mini Scentifier", in hopes that it would spread soothing essentials oils throughout the house without becoming too overbearing. Now I will say that initially I intended to purchase a diffuser that emitted mist and actually thought that's what I had purchased. It wasn't until I unwrapped it, that I noticed it was only being spread through the air with a fan. 

A little defeated, I still decided to give the diffuser a chance and got to setting it up.

The package came with the diffuser itself, a USB power cord, 1 oil pad, 2 oil pad refills, and 1 5ml "Signature" brand essentials oil in Lavender. I myself picked up another essentials oil in the scent "Spa Room" for a peaceful daytime scent, since I see Lavender as more of a sleepy scent.

I realized it didn't have the mist once I started to read the directions, but I moved forward and put some oil on the oil pad, located on the bottom of the diffuser. Once it was clicked back into place, I plugged it into my iPad wall adapter and let it get to work. 

Within a few minutes a small radius surrounding the diffuser smelled of a calming aromatic scent. While it certainly did not make the entire living room/kitchen/dining room smell good, it did do a nice job of providing a calming affect in the living room at least. 

I also liked that the top of the diffuser was a
light that changed colors and how there was a button located in the front of the diffuser, to easily turn it off and on. Some you have to unplug just to stop it, so this power button was awesome - even though I'm sure most are like this now. 

I was still a bit bummed about no mist, but I will say that because it doesn't give off such a strong scent, it was a perfect night light and smell for my son's bedtime. He loves the smell of lavender so with this added colorful nightlight giving off that scent during sleep hours, he fell asleep within minutes, making me a very happy momma. 

Overall I'm pleased with this purchase and it's very low price. I still wish I had a misting diffuser, but no water does mean no clean up, so I'm not complaining too much. 

We have to look on the bright side of things!

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