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My Stance On Marijuana.

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Marijuana has long been known as a drug too easily accessible to a wide variety of demographics and a harmful gateway that will inevitably lead users into a life of substance abuse. While many protestors have made headway in the fight against the negative "persona" marijuana has, there is still a strong rebel against the usage. There's also a stigma that stems from misinformation and the ignorance from people who don't understand the difference between CBD and THC. One of many misconceptions.

Marijuana, also known as cannabis (among other names), is a naturally grown plant that you can find in the wild like flowers or trees. It's mainly used for one of two reasons: the psychoactive response (getting high) and the medicinal properties.

One quick insert I'd like to include now, is a short video I found from a well-known online "brand" and now TV show, "Adam Ruins Everything". It's an informational - yet not boring - clip about the past historical remnants of marijuana and it's play throughout United States history. I personally liked how it wasn't just seen as a completely biased, pro-mary jane propaganda, but more so as an "educational" video. You can check that video out HERE

No worries, I'll wait... All done? Great, let's move on.

To make things clear, I'm not an avid marijuana user. I don't smoke "bowls" or partake in "wake and bake" sessions. I'm simply an advocate for the pursuit of happiness.

You see, our declaration of independence (USA) has clearly outlined that liberty and the pursuit of happiness are our fundamental rights. So how each person chooses to indulge in a "drug" that doesn't affect people like alcohol does, within the privacy of their home, shouldn't necessarily be up to the discussion of the government. Classifying this drug in the same category as heroin is a bit farfetched in my eyes, but as I've always said, "to each their own".

The medicinal benefits of cannabis ranges between a multiple of symptomatic relief, including the stoppage of seizures, nausea, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, pain (arthritis, back pain, tooth ache, etc.), along with many others. In fact, there is even a movie about a man who's become a medical marijuana advocate due to his own progression with CBD oils.

Ride with Larry is a film (found on Netflix or his website: see HERE) that documents how poorly Larry's life has been with his Parkinson's and the struggles he goes through while exhausting every medical "remedy" out there, except for marijuana. When he ventures into the world of cannabis and CBD oils, he notices something amazing and takes on a challenge he never thought possible. It's a film worth watching for a personal story on how weed isn't just "weed".

As a plant that grows in the wild we often say things like "Poison ivy is a plant, but we don't smoke that". While we may not smoke poison ivy, we do in fact use it for medical purposes. Scientists have been using poison ivy to help treat osteoarthritis and to desensitize patients with urushiol allergies. While not all plants are "magical" and can truly help patients with medical ailments, but there are numerous reports of CBD helping patients in need. THC isn't far behind either.

THC is the component mostly known for giving that "high" effect for people. What most don't know is that there is actually a pharmaceutical formulation of THC called dronabinol that is readily available via prescription throughout the USA and Canada.

Let that sink in for a second. Marijuana is known as a hard drug, yet is prescribed in a less natural way for numerous medical needs., including but not limited to: Nausea, vomiting (including for patients who are undergoing chemo), and anorexia in HIV/AIDS patients. Codeine is a readily available drug, yet the side effects are far more harmful than natural THC.

THC is more often than not the reason government officials use to rule this drug a harsh product that negatively effects society. While I do not recommend driving, operating machinery, or doing anything that requires your full attention, I don't think it should be classified as harshly as other illegal - yet accessible - drugs.

There have been numerous cases of people's health improving drastically with CBD oils and THC. Cancer patients are constantly popping up out of the woodworks attesting to the glorious relief cannabis has provided them. With so few options out there to truly help us without gaining some side effects, I don't think the thousands of people who have fully functioned with this drug and only gained - maybe - a couple pounds from the food they eat, along with the peaceful sleep they've been able to have, would all randomly ban together to advocate for something the FDA has even tried to manipulate themselves.

Perhaps looking further into the real life behind a "stoner" is something every anti-marijuana person needs to investigate. PTSD, anxiety, depression, anorexia, pain, migraines, insomnia, have all been relieved by cannabis. Side effects? Possible temporary grogginess (which can be relieved by sleeping and mimics [less severely] like most allergy medicines), hunger, dry mouth (again, resembling some common antihistamines), slowed coordination (alcohol much), and a relaxed sleepiness (Nyquil anyone???).

So if a drug can be classified as harshly as some of the hardest drugs sold on the streets, yet provide remedies similar to over the counter medicines (just naturally), what is that to say about the drugs we are constantly prescribed and purchase?

Are there statements about more severe effects supposedly caused by marijuana? Absolutely. Is there any hard evidence provided by the FDA or any reputable scientific foundation? Not exactly.

Regarding the recreational use of marijuana, I feel like this does need some standards regarding safety precautions - as we've done with alcohol and cigarettes - but there is some concern of the FDA's true purpose of getting their hands fully on the cannabis industry. Knowing their ability to alter a natural drug into something more chemically compound (like they've done with THC as I discussed above) often makes people weary, but I think with the right demographical weed farmers - along with the strong stance and backing to keep it pure and natural - the medical marijuana industry could flourish. I'm not anti-recreational, I'm simply anti-government altering. Purely natural with no greed is the only way to succeed.

What do you think Jedi's? Are you pro- or anti- marijuana? I'm open to comments, suggestions, opinions, and criticism. You rock no matter what voice you have, so let's hear them!

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