Monday, May 15, 2017

Scientifically Speaking.

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Hello and happy Monday Jedi's! I hope you've had a fabulous weekend and to all those mother's out there, happy belated Mother's Day!

Today I'd like to talk about a potential read that I'm seriously considering adding to my collection. The reason behind it is both intriguing and funny, because the way I came across this [most likely] future read was through a television show that's known for speaking on relevant topics - current events to be exact - while still remaining entertaining to the "younger" crowds. It's called "Desus and Mero" and is shown on the Viceland channel. 

One of their episodes that I watched this past weekend, featured a world renowned astrophysicist - along with a few other titles - Neil deGrasse Tyson.

You may know him as the number two known scientist in the world - right below Bill Nye - but something you may not know is that he actually writes books that could exponentially expand your mind and take your thinking process to a whole new level of amazement. 

While watching the episode, Neil was asked [more or less] to briefly explain his newest book "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry". His explanation was more of a ponder for all those interested as well: "Might we not be smart enough to even know what question to ask, on the frontier of cosmic discovery. Not only that, could there be a question we don't even know yet, that will arise only after we've moved the frontier forward that much further, enable you to stand at a new place to see new questions. Those are the question I wanna know about." 

This in itself left me replaying the scene over and over, resulting in me writing down the quote to further inspect. It consistently puzzled me until I stopped thinking of it as a riddle that needed to be solved and more so as advice with an opportunity of self-discovery mixed in.

As I sat, finally coming to a possible understanding of this quote, I realized that the time I spent thinking of this led me to so many more questions than answers. It made me dwell on life itself and critical thinking of how the present should truly be seen. 

This. This is why I want to purchase this book. If just that quote alone, a small [possible] summary of what could come with reading the actual book, led me to use my mind in that way, then why WOULDN'T I want to continue reading?

To me, anything that could exercise your thinking skills and thought process, is worth looking into, because the most powerful tool we have as human beings, is our mind. 

So riddle me this Jedi's, what did you think when you read that quote? Have you come to any ideas on what it means? Everyone's thinking is different, therefore everyone's answers could differ. Share what you think and let's chat about that!

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