Tuesday, May 16, 2017

See the Unseen: Hunting Ghosts.

I've talked about the spooky happenings that lurk around every corner in our house during
the night time hours (see HERE). While things haven't necessarily progressed in any fashion whatsoever, things haven't necessarily slowed down either. I truly don't think we have any negative energies here, but I'm definitely convinced that something unknown is here.

Let me start out by saying that I have ZERO intention of trying to "contact" any spirits or antagonize them in ANY way. I fully respect that they are [possibly] here, but I refuse to communicate with it. Call me silly, but I don't feel like upsetting anyone or anything.

What I am interested in, is possibly seeing remnants or perhaps some sort of figure. I can't exactly explain why, but I felt like getting a thermal camera of some sort would give us a better opportunity to see something. After careful consideration and a little research, I found a portable camera that can simply attach to my iPhone or iPad (they even have one for Android devices). With a little driving, I finally got my hands on the Seek Thermal Compact Camera.

This small device instantly transforms your mobile device and tablet into a thermal seeking camera with a multitude of settings, including: capturing videos/pictures, temperatures shown on the screen, different thermal modes, and the capability to work day or night. All of this is done through it's app.

One thing I didn't really anticipate with this Otterbox product, is the simplicity yet confusing nature of it's set up. Granted this could be because the box may or may not have been previously purchased - I'm unsure, because it wasn't marked as such, but the packaging stickers were already ripped. Inside I found a neat "cover" for the camera, to help it withstand falling and a small sheet of paper that looked as if it had been printed and sloppily cut out.

Needless to say I was a bit thrown off, but I went forward with using it because I know what's going to happen with it tomorrow.

The cap is on here
Without any directions whatsoever, I plugged the camera into my phone and an immediate "download request" popped up on my screen, asking me to download the free app that comes with the device. Seconds later everything was up and working, with a quick tutorial video available for watching. A little late, but semi-useful nonetheless.

I waited for nightfall, made sure my little guy was fast asleep, turned off all the lights, and proceeded to walk around the house with the thermal camera operating.

I didn't expect to see such a vivid quality of any heat at all, but you could literally see the footsteps on the carpet from where I had previously walked. As for any ghost proof, I don't really have any solid pics or video. 

Quick story: the reason I attempted this was because of sounds being heard throughout the night, things being moved, items being thrown, and curtains being messed with. Along with that, I've literally had moments where I'd be walking down the hallway swearing left and right that I had heard someone talk to me. While I'm not sure what I heard, I know I heard something.

The device itself is marketed at $250, but I was able to get it for $120 (it was on sale at Best
My padawan
Buy). The overall app is pretty accurate with heat sources and cold sources, even showing the exact amount of a cold drink in a cup by using the temperature range. I do like that you can take photos and videos quite easily as well, but I was really confused with why it all seemed so sketchy with no directions and a weird paper insert.

Personally I don't think the price matches the usage you'd get from it, but perhaps you'd have better reasoning for it. If so and it's something you could continuously use (hunting maybe?), then the price would indeed be worth it. The quality is amazing and it's easy to navigate, but I have no real need to use it on a daily basis. I've been trying this for about 5 days now and nothing.

I'm not blaming the camera AT ALL, but with so little action I will be returning this product. Like I said, I don't necessarily think it's not worth it, it's simply not something I need to own. As for my ghost hunting days, I still plan on trying to capture something. A photo, a sound, a video, something. I don't want to ask it for anything and perhaps that's why it won't make itself known - or I'm going senile already - but I'm not pushing it. For now, I'll endure the sounds and weird noises for what they are to me. Ghost sounds.

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