Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Another Day, Another Buffet [REVIEW]

I'm quite the buffet enthusiast. Seeing as how I'm a foodie, being offered variety for one price with unlimited plate refills is something you'd think only dreams were made of, but alas they are very real. Today I was able to try another buffet that closely reminded me of another buffet that I had reviewed (see HERE).

My little padawan had to go to karate this evening, so we decided to try a new eatery in the area of his class. After a recommendation we headed to "Sunrise Buffet" in Kearny Mesa, in hopes that we'd find a good variety in eats. While that did hold true to some degree, it wasn't as differentiating as "Yummy Buffet". 

When I first entered into the restaurant I noticed immediately the calm serenity that exuded all over the place, along with the cleanliness. Although the customer service was a bit lax, with no patience for answering questions. 

We went for lunch time, which meant $8 for adults and under $4 for kids ages 3 to 6. This wasn't including drinks, which is $1.50 per drink. The price was decent and slightly cheaper than Yummy Buffet, but I did notice that quality was a hit or miss with certain items. 

I filled up roughly 3 plates with an assortment of food, after venturing through all the aisles of eats provided. Between a sushi bar, the salad area, desserts, wontons, breaded goods, dumplings, salmon, and so much more, I had a hard time deciding what to try. 

After a minor debate I walked to my table with orange chicken, seasoned vegetables, two sweet breads, egg rolls, sushi, salmon, noodles, beef and broccoli, rice, chicken wings, and some sort of meat dumpling. 

The rice was a bit over cooked in some areas, but not too bad. The orange chicken was not only tasty, but incredibly juicy as well. The seasoned vegetables reminded me of collard greens, but less flavored. The chicken wings weren't as tender as I'd have liked, but not necessarily poor quality. The egg rolls were too sweet and I couldn't stomach it. The salmon was a bit dry, with a "smokey" flavor, which was the one part I liked most about it. The sushi was very well prepared and the freshness was apparent in each bite. The sweet breads were a bit bland (I'm not too familiar with these types, so I couldn't tell you if that's how they should be). The noodles were my absolute favorite, reminding me of Panda Express noodles, but homemade. The beef and broccoli was also closely resembling Panda Express and they had an even beef to broccoli ratio. The meat dumpling was not something I'd prefer either, because [again] it was a tad sweet. 

Overall the entire meal was filling and sufficed our appetite (my little guys had fries, garlic bread, and pizza, which he said were pretty good, but that's all he liked). Honestly I'm not sure I'll return anytime soon, but I will say this. They're dessert was scrumptiously moist. 

At the end of my meal I did what most of us do, I headed for dessert. 

They had some 'dessert' across from the salads, which included chocolate pudding and jello (to name a few), but the main desserts were towards the back. 

The brownies were unlike the soft gooey kind I'm used to and had a taste that I wasn't familiar with, making it difficult to finish a whole one. Their "yule log cake" slices were to die for though, giving you a small rush of vanilla cream and the perfect spongy texture was beyond mouthwatering. 

For a semi-decent price, we were able to enjoy a few selective items here and there with unlimited drinks. I may not necessarily have a craving for this place, but that yule cake slice is now my new standard for those types of desserts here on out. 

Do I recommend? Not really. I believe there is better and this doesn't scream "Amazing". 

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