Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Chalk Porch, 4 Car Accidents, and Exhaustively Shopping.

Today was an exhausting day with more crashes than I've seen the entire year of 2016. It all started with a chalk drawing.

This morning started like any other: coffee, kisses, and chalk art. Now normally we wouldn't draw on our patio - mostly because we didn't have any - but we started to live a little. So now my padawan likes to take a few moments for himself (me sitting close behind) while he decorates the cold cement that is our patio. Besides, it literally washes off with water. 

Speaking of "living a little",  a few mile stones have taken place in our house that I truly didn't think would come this soon. First my little guy goes on the patio while I sit in a chair inside the house (yes he's safe, I'm less than 2 feet away and it's fenced) creatively expressing himself, he takes showers by himself, and he's officially graduated Kindergarten. What the even heck?! 

Moving on.

During a few driving trips we came across 4 car accidents..4! Luckily I didn't see anyone seriously hurt - and I truly hope no one was - but good gosh. It was like someone had hit the "let's wreck a bunch of cars" button today. 

Honestly it reminded me of when I was in a car accident a few years ago that left me constantly living in pain, even to this day. PSA: Don't text and drive people!

After what seemed like a existential amount of driving all around town for numerous errands and quests, we finally made it home only to walk to the grocery store. Dinner needed to be made, but I was missing a few ingredients to make my top ramen mix (ramen, chicken, and broccoli). 

Once we whipped up our quick meal and devoured each plate, I cleaned up the house and finally got my spawn to sleep. Which simply means now I can rest. I've put on my incense (see HERE) and am about to watch this movie called "Coherence". 

It's a sci-fi independent film with a bit of "thrill" in it. My rating for it will depend once I've actually seen it, so stay tuned.

Overall it's been a regular style day with a bit of pain in my back. Heat is starting to pick up here as well, which means summer time fun is coming too! 

Also, I'd like to take this time to thank all of you who continue to support the blog, regardless of the roller coaster ride I've supplied for you all. I have plenty of style posts, summer ideas, daily life posts, and reviews (along with other things) to come. Plus a giveaway to kick off Summer!

Much love Jedi's and happy hump day!!! 

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