Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Coherence" The Movie: A Mind Game.

In yesterday's post I talked about how I was settling down to watch a movie called "Coherence" after an exhausting day. Well it's a movie I think you should all consider watching, but only if you have the correct mindset to experience it.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

"Coherence" is based on the quantum theory of "Schrodinger's Cat", which basically states that if you put a cat in a box with a vile of poison and close the lid, the cat theoretically is both dead and alive. Meaning both scenarios exist until you lift the lid to discover the reality. It also goes into detail saying that while the lid is close, both states are concurrently true, existing at the same time, only collapsing into the one state when the lid is opened. 

We start off viewing a dinner party between a few friends - and ex's - making for a seemingly similar "scary story". Although this isn't a "horror" film in the instance of being scared by a monster of some sort, it's a sci-fi flick that can produce fear due to the possibilities. 

During the dinner party, a discussion about a comet that is attached to a folklore (strange instances happening to people before the comet passes, only ending once the comet has come and gone) comes into play, sparked by the fact that the exact comet is set to pass that night. Within a few minutes the lights go out in the entire block, except for one house roughly 2 blocks up. 

All the guests start to ponder what to do, with one of them suggesting he'd call his brother (who asked to be called if "strange happenings" were beginning to take place). Him and a fellow diner set off towards the lit house in hopes that they have a phone, only to return moments later startled that they were seeing a house identical to their own with a setting identical to the dinner party they had going on. After a few more very odd happenings (like a box being found with their pictures on it), confused and curious they set off again (along with others) to venture into this "dark area" to pass onto the house. 

The "dark area" was much darker than the other spots, creating a sort of mystical setting where things began to "click" for others.

Through readings and a few theoretical moments, they begin to discover that they were going through a parallel universe, literally living the "Schrodinger's Cat" theory. Except they took it further stating that the universes are indeed coexisting, just not to us because then each would collapse. Trying to avoid a devastating blow, they do what they can to keep their reality in balance.

But alas, that isn't exactly what happened. 

One guest discovers that the "dark spot" was what was taking everyone to the next parallel universe by using a "roulette wheel" style choice. When you walk through, you're never guaranteed to return to the same place. You're in a game of chance.

Very few guests are from the original house, others come from different parallel houses, and one girl gets stuck in an alternate reality with not only the other guests that she herself isn't actually acquainted with, but also herself from THAT reality. 

It makes for a very sticky situation when she confronts her "other" self. 

All in all it's a movie that requires thinking, patience, and theoretical understanding. While you don't have to be a genius to see the entire point and understand the theory itself, it does help if you watch with an open mind. Jumping to the "that can't happen" mentality can negatively alter your movie-going experience. So if you do watch it - which I recommend - free your mind for the possibilities. 

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