Friday, June 16, 2017

Food Feature Friday #34: Banana Water for the Win!

There's no question that summertime is fast approaching with the heat wave us San Diegans are experiencing. Granted it's no where near northern Cali or the east coast - yes we're spoiled - but it affects us nonetheless. So in order to celebrate the coming of what will most likely feel like a mini hell on Earth (heat wise I mean), I decided to make a fresh batch of banana water!

For those of you who aren't familiar with this form of fruit "water", it's like a banana flavored horchata, without the rice. To me it's beyond refreshing and definitely makes for a great drink during any meal or just because. The best part - besides the taste - is that it's relatively easy to whip up! With a few ingredients that you could very well have at your home, you too could make a special batch of this banana-y goodness!


- 2 banana's (they need to be brown or with brown spots)
- 1 cup of sugar
- 1 tsp of cinnamon 
- 1 tsp vanilla extract 
- 1 can of evaporated milk (5 fl. oz.)
- 2 liters of water

Tools needed: 

- Blender 
- Knife
- Pitcher

I'd like to mention now that these ingredients are a baseline and can easily be altered to your personal preference. If you wish to have a little thicker drink, opt for the 12 fl. oz. of evaporated milk. If you want sweeter, add more sugar. So on and so forth. This is all about deliciousness. 


1. Cut your banana's into pieces, then blend them with your milk, vanilla, and cinnamon.

2. Combine your freshly blended mixture with your 2 liters of water in a pitcher (or storage of some sort) and mix. 

3. Add your sugar and mix VERY well. You don't want it to just sit at the bottom. That makes for a very UNsweet refreshment. 

Ta-da! You now have a pitcher (or whatever you're using to store it in) of mouthwatering goodness. This is also the part where you would taste your creation to see if you want more of anything. It's really about trial and error, but to me this is a subtle drink for the little ones, big ones, and well, anyone. 

Now that I myself have my very own pitcher of banana water, I plan on curling up in bed - on top of all the blankets, under my new tapestry that I found at Ross (for only $7!) - which I'm using as a "headboard", and plan on finishing up my new read (which you can see HERE). 

I absolutely can't wait to finish up the night and just relax. I feel like errands, housework, and my to-do list are never ending. Even tomorrow I have to wake up early for my padawan's karate class and some "play day's" thing at the Disney store (so he can get a free patch for his collection). All I want to do is pretend like the world is filled with peace, Jessica Fletcher and Nancy Drew are my best friends, and I have no obligations other than my son. If only. 

Until then I'll be doing my best to take care of myself, because I can't take care of the little guy if I'm too exhausted to think right. Have a fantastic weekend Jedi's! May the force with you all.

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