Friday, June 30, 2017

Food Feature Friday #36: Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms Cereal, In Shake Form!

Today's FFF is all about a particular fast food item that caught my eye the other day. It was during an outing, when I was waiting at a red light and caught a glimpse of Burger King's new shakes, which of course I had to try.

I'm not a huge cereal person, but I do like to snack on it occasionally. Being that I'm a not the biggest fanatic, I tend to steer clear of "breakfast cereal" related items, i.e. breakfast cereal bars or cereal flavored eats. This time however, I couldn't pass up trying something potentially awesome. 

Burger King has three shakes that seem to be the center of attention - right along with their cheeto mac n' cheese things, which I WON'T be having for a number of reasons - consisting of an Oreo shake (classic or chocolate), a Lucky Charms shake, and a Froot Loops shake. All are priced at $3.29 and come in one size. 

I ultimately decided on the Lucky Charms shake and the Froot Loops shake, seeing as how Oreo has been done in a number of ways, rendering it basically "conventional". Both shakes have a syrup-like product (which I can only assume is some sort of vanilla sweetner), mixed with actual cereal and ice-cream, all "blended" together (similar to how a McFlurry is mixed). 

Let's start with the Lucky Charms shake: 

This shake had chunks of the cereal all throughout, with a very interesting flavor that I can only assume is based off of the non-marshmallow pieces. It reminded me of a super creamy vanilla iced-latte, that someone mixed with vanilla ice-cream. It wasn't too appetizing however, leaving me to only drink about half of the shake before deciding isn't wasn't what I expected. The marshmallow chunks were splendid, but the non-marshmallow pieces became almost instantly soggy, resembling soggy cereal. Which I don't like. 

Now for the Froot Loop shake:

The Froot Loop shake was by far my favorite. It actually tasted like Froot Loop cereal with a less intense vanilla flavoring - unlike the Lucky Charms shake. The chunks actually has a crunch to them as well, helping it win the battle of which one tastes better. It's basically a smooth creamy vanilla ice-cream shake, with real pieces blended throughout. It didn't get soggy (at least not for a little while, I checked an hour after I bought it and they held up decently compared to the Lucky Charms) and it made for an appetizing dessert for after dinner. 

Both has whipped cream on top - which is optional - but the clear winner in my book was the Froot Loop shake, which I already gave away. Personally I used the second half of it with my coffee, which oddly enough made it perfectly sweetened. The chunks were a mini-roller coaster to my mind, because I'm not used to "chunky coffee", but it tastes better than it sounds. 

I gave myself a little giggle, because it was like having your bowl of cereal and coffee in one. A breakfast pair that surprisingly did excellent when combined in this way. 

Now I'm not necessarily saying you should go buy a Froot Loop shake to mix with your coffee - albeit it's delicious - but I would say if you're in for a sweet shake with a twist, check out your local BK for an unlikely treat!

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