Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hub Cap Miss Hap, Budget Lunch, and Amazing Find!

Oh boy guys. Today was filled with a few awesome instances, but one slightly frustrating happening that still slightly irks me. 

Once I was up and ready to take on my list of errands, my padawan and I headed to Discount Tires to FINALLY get my hubcap replaced (see that post HERE). After waiting a while to hear back about my broken hubcaps, I decided to head into the store earlier this week and ask for the replacement in person. Thankfully they were incredibly helpful then, so today when I went to get it replaced I was in high hopes of this entire ordeal being put to rest. 

Unfortunately that didn't happen.

While the service did not change - still just as friendly and professional as before - they had a little trouble putting the hubcap on. After playing with it and examining that they actually ordered the correct size, it was determined that the hubcap wasn't the correct size. In fact, it was "off" by a few inches. Fantastic.

This was the frustration of my day, but I did my best to not let it affect how the rest of my sunshine would go. 

With the ordeal still going on while I await a new hubcap still - which isn't supposed to arrive until next week at some point - I put it all behind me and we walked next door to a Costco for a cheap and delicious lunch.

Let's talk about Costco's food court really quick. I absolutely love that you can buy a polish hot dog and a drink for only $1.50. Plus they have beyond decent sized slices of pizza for only $1.99. Which is exactly what we ordered and it sufficed our hunger for basically the rest of the day. 

I just love ordering a giant pizza from Costco to take home and devour. Today was not a day that I got an entire pie, but it's something I'm constantly cherishing because of how great the quality (and quantity) is compared to the price. 

With our bellies full, we then walked down a little ways (literally 3 minutes) to a semi-hidden Target that I really love going to. 

I had to go for kids toothpaste and paper towels, but of course with Sarah Dessen (see my post about her HERE) having just released her brand new book, it was dire that I checked out the book section to see if maybe, possibly, perhaps, "Once and For All" was on the shelves. 

Surpassing the workers stocking the shelves - I love going when there's hardly anyone at Target and there's fresh stocked aisles - we browsed the aisles without any Sarah Dessen in sight. I caught a glimpse of the sign "new releases", not expecting to see my newly beloved, but low and behold the book was smack dab in the center. 

A small squeal squeaked out of me and it was off to check out. 

With every errand taken care of, we headed home for a relaxing day. Besides the whole mishap at Discount Tires, our day was actually pretty productive. Now that my little guy is fast asleep, I plan on making myself a cup of tea to sip while I read my latest find. 

PS, you have no idea how absolutely ecstatic I am to read this book, because I'm obsessed with Sarah Dessen's work. Been waiting for what seems like forever to finally read this book! Since the moment Sarah mentioned she was working on a new book, I've been anticipating this release. Now that it's here, you can believe I'll have my face stuck in this book and I DEFINITELY will be reviewing it next week for all of you! 

Have a wonderful Friday tomorrow Jedi's! Don't forget to keep on rockin'.

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