Monday, June 12, 2017

Netflix Binge Watching! OITNB vs Unbreakable

Happy Monday Jedi's! If you're anything like me, this may be the first day/night your eyes

haven't been glued to a TV screen of sorts, trying to binge all of the newest OITNB episodes. 

Well I'm here to talk about Netflix and two new seasons, from two of my favorite shows, that I've been glued to. 

In the past I've talk about my Netflix obsessions (see HERE). OITNB and Unbreakable are just two of the chosen few, both of which had new seasons released. Which I've been binge watching whenever possible these past few days. 

First let's start with Unbreakable. WARNING: PLEASE be aware that while I won't be providing any season ruining spoilers, there may be a few micro sized spoilers. 

This season focuses more on Kimmy Schmidt and her life after high school, post "nanny", along with Titus post cruise...sort of. Season 3 is really all about the main characters transformation through life - similar to the past 2 seasons - but I felt this one was not only extremely comical (again like the past), but the scenarios were pretty relate-able as well. 

Between learning the meaning of true love and having the courage to plan your own life, Kimmy once again takes us all on a journey of naive adventures, while her friends try to help guide her during their own messes.

In Season 2, we basically left off with Titus leaving Mikey for a few months, just so he could sing on a cruise ship, Kimmy was contacted by the reverend to get a divorce, Jacqueline was with a man she never dreamt she'd be with while trying to take down the Redskins (their name to be exact), and Lillian was basically the same. 

In Season 3 is all about the aftermath AND the progression. Also I really enjoyed the "playful banter" regarding current topics - political, cultural, and demographically to name a few. I also really liked how each character goes through a very similar "ah ha" moment, not exactly co-currently, giving each person a shine in the lime light. Unlike Season 2, we didn't end on with a cliff hanger. 

One last note about this season is that we will see two people go through break-ups that weren't necessarily you're traditional, which kept the overall show a hilarious comedy to brighten up anyone's day. Ah Kimmy.

OITNB kicks off exactly where it leaves off in Season 4: Daya. Yup, Daya is there with the gun. That thump? Don't worry, you'll know within minutes what that sound is. They don't try to play it out at all with that burning question of ours. 

This entire season deals with very serious scenarios happening in the world today: racism. One giant riot has taken place in the prison and not everyone's down for the cause. They also go from full throttle vicious to second guessing their motives. With some inmates learning that they get a second chance, before they truly throw away their lives completely. 

We lost Poussey last season, but *spoiler* she comes back this season. You read that right! Poussey Washington is back and she makes her presence known with help from the entire prison. 

Now I haven't completely finished Season 5, only because there just weren't enough hours in the day to binge both, but you can believe I'll be working on that tonight. Between reading my new Sarah Dessen book (see HERE) and watching Unbreakable, I've been stretching it thin. Daily life also took a huge portion of my time - mom life - but nonetheless, I'm finishing the last 4 episodes tonight!!! 

How about you guys? Have you finished OITNB? What Netflix series are you currently binge watching? Let me know down below!

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