Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Binge Watching Obsession: July 2017

In the past I've talked about a few of my Netflix interests (see HERE), so today I decided to share with you guys my current binge watching obsession. Something I've tried to enjoy whenever possible. The only thing I recommend is being sure to not watch it around children, seeing as how it's rated M for mature and it's REALLY mature.

Shameless is the show and real is the game.

This show made it's showcase in 2011 and is still currently running on Showtime. While the newest season is coming, it's most likely going to make it's appearance around June 2018. All the seasons are on Netflix as well, allowing you optimal binging experience.

It's based around a highly dysfunctional family that struggles to make ends meet while their alcoholic father works on staying drunk. Things may be tough, but every one of the 5 kids (minus the baby) try their best to pull their own weight. Between working at a convenience liquor store, to helping kids pass the SAT, the Gallagher family does everything they can to take care of their own.

Currently I'm in season 2 and I'm already 100% hooked. The entire family has their own issues within themselves and the series focuses on a lot of very real scenarios that underprivileged families go through on a daily basis. I will say that the series has full nudity (front and back) for quite a few scenes and their is a bit of sex, but if you don't mind a few seconds of naked flesh you'll see topics such as homosexuality, adultery, addiction, and even death become topics of multiple episodes.

Honestly I've grown to admire Fiona the most, seeing as how she has handled way more than someone her age should and she's managed to juggle her own life within all the chaos. It's been insane how each member's lives have played out and how everyone's kept their cool regardless of the circumstances that are seemingly never ending.

It [should be] could be called an awakening to those who live a life much less horrifying than this one. I for one definitely find myself viewing my issues as minuet compared to Fiona Gallagher.

This show is worth the watch, resembling a "Cuckoo" meets "Unfortunate-Events"-for-adults type of genre.

So if you're in the market for a show that will make you laugh, ponder, and say "WHAT?!", check on "Shameless" now on Netflix!

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