Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Del Mar Fair 2017: Food, Fun, and Full of Memories.

Happy 4th of July Jedi's! 

This year we decided to head to the county fair once again, to not only create loads of memories for my little guy, but to also eat a bunch of deliciousness and check out the new items they had in store for us this year.

First off, we were able to get in for only $5, because we got a free coupon from a lady handing them out. So that was awesome to start off with. We did pay for parking this year - instead of opting for the free parking at the horse ranch and taking the shuttle - for safety reasons. We wanted to be out of there immediately after the fireworks (which we watched from our car with a perfect view) as to avoid any traffic or commotion. 

Once we entered into the beloved county fair, we checked out the monster trucks and saw some awesome little padawans racing their hearts out. It started off with the youngans (there was even a 6 year old racing!), then the older ones (teenagers), and then the big dogs came out. 

I gotta say, while I love monster trucks more when they're demolishing everything and doing insane tricks, I still loved this presentation and the whole show. It was a really neat way to introduce my little guy into the world of monster trucks too and now he's really into going to a future show. Perfect for testing the waters for potential sporting events. 

Afterwards we got a few select eats (check back in this Friday for what scrumptious goodies we ate) and watched a few rounds of wrestling. While it definitely wasn't WWE status, it was still fun to watch. My little padawan also enjoyed it, making another event a future possibility.

With food in our bellies and completely entertained, we checked out the halls filled with booths galore of goodies you'll only find once a year (at a good rate if you shop smart). 

We found an AWESOME product with a great deal, which I will be putting to the test tomorrow and reviewing for you guys. I have to say I'm super excited to use these products, which is a bit hilarious seeing as how the products have to do with cleaning. 

Once every exhibit and booth was seen, we played a few games, headed to the car to watch the fireworks, and drove home. My little guy was knocked out half way home and I was happy with everything that took place.

From food, to fun products, and tons of memories, we walked out with a [literal] suitcase of items, a reusable bag of more items, 2 stuffed animal prizes, 2 fidget spinners (1 was a prize, 1 was found) and a whole lot of smiles.

Personally I was shocked that it wasn't too busy at the fair this year, but the overall "theme" wasn't anything too exciting. 

Regardless I really enjoyed today and I can't even begin to tell you how awesome our 4th of July was. Next year we may try to do something a little differently, just to spice things up, but I have to say that I don't regret it one bit. 

Now that I'm home, I'm ready to plop into bed and get some much needed rest. Have a wonderful night Jedi's and I hope your Independence Day (or day in general) was a fantastic one! Goodnight and much love.

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