Friday, July 7, 2017

Food Feature Friday #37: Del Mar Fair Delights!

Practically this entire week has been all about our adventure at the county fire. Between the memories we've made and the super fantastic purchase I made (part 1 and part 2), the only thing I haven't shared is the food we devoured. Well that's what I'm here to share with you all right now!

The Del Mar Fair is infamous for it's wide variety of deep fried foods, the carnival rides that light up the night sky, and the vendors that fill each hall with tons of goodies galore. While we didn't do any rides this year - my padawan opted to play the games instead, to which he won 3 decent prizes - we did venture around the vendors (which I already discussed) and ate loads of decadent eats. 

You may remember last year when I shared what as on the menu at that time, but this won't be nearly as adventurous as it was...unfortunately. 

While I don't think I'll ever stop going to the county fair, I do think that every year their food items get less and less interesting. This doesn't mean it's not delicious, it's just not as "oh man I have to try this!" shocking. So there aren't too many pictures, but I will say this: I forgot one.

I know, I know, shame on me. Trust me it's nipping my behind as I type this.When I got home from the fair that day, I had a mini panic attack, because I had realized my devastating mistake. It's a heartbreaking reality, but it is what it is.

First up is the Sriracha corn dog. 

I would've sworn I had talked about this last year, but apparently I had not. This corn dog is my favorite corn dog of all time. The hot dog inside seems to have been infused with Sriracha or simply spent time soaking it in. The outer breading isn't spicy, but there was an abundance of breading overall. Semi-disappointed, but extremely spicy nonetheless. The overall thick hot dog was a wonderful snack while I enjoyed some wrestling. 

My little padawan decided to go for a corn dog as well, but less on the spicy side. He chose Hot Dog on a Stick - a classic favorite of his - and got his own hot dog and lemonade. 

My all-time favorite eat of the day was by FAR the turkey tacos I found at Juicy's. 

Another thing our San Diego county fair is infamous for, is their giant turkey legs. Some of the juiciest, tender turkey meat you'll ever sink your teeth into. Something I can't even begin to describe in words except for "heaven". Well this year Juicy's had turkey tacos made from these very turkey legs. 

They came with beans and salsa fresca, all on top of corn tacos. It didn't have salsa - which it could've used - but that honestly didn't affect the taste of these beauties and that's saying something! No guacample either, but still beyond amazing. I was so incredibly pleased with this find, scarfing down everything within minutes, making the fact that I forgot to snap a pic that much more painful.

Trust me I'm upset with myself, but just know that if you ever get a chance to try the Juicy's turkey tacos (as they do travel with the county fairs - not sure which ones though), do it! You won't regret it and if you love their turkey legs, you'll be down right in love!

Happy Friday Jedi's! I hope you have a splendid weekend filled with love, memories, and true happiness. Remember to keep on rockin' and remember, you are perfect! 

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