Friday, July 14, 2017

Food Feature Friday #38: The Melting Pot Melted My Heart.

Last weekend my little padawan went to hang out with some family friends, so I was given the opportunity to have some mommy time. Seeing as how I'm always looking to try new things, I decided to eat at a fondue-styled restaurant called "The Melting Pot".

I'm a meat person and I'm a cheese person, so when I was told that I could "cook" my own meat AND dip it in cheese, I knew it was for me. 

When I entered I noticed Frank Sinatra playing on radio, with a semi-formal hostess gleaming at me immediately. I also noticed that the bar was a medium sized, 5 seater with the resemblance of an older bar. I was given the option of waiting about an hour for seat at a table or I could eat at the bar immediately. Bar it was. 

Walking the short distance to my seat, I saw steam coming from every table and a one burner induction stove top directly in front of me. My waitress was quick to my side, mainly because she was also the bartender. She quickly explained how the menu worked - believe me it's a bit confusing, but they are willing to help you understand - and I found myself choosing spinach artichoke cheese dip, a trio of meat including pork, chicken, and beef, and a milk chocolate fondue dessert platter. 

The waitress grabbed a platter of shredded cheese, some broth, artichoke, and spinach. She poured the broth into this silver fondue pot as it sat on the induction stove. The cheese was then sprinkled in, along with the spinach and artichoke (both finely chopped).

The cheese is served first with bread bits and is apparently meant to be taken away when your course actually come. I opted to keep my melted cheese as my meat arrived. With the meat, I was given a new pot with broth, then told that I was to skewer my meat and cook it myself. I will say that the portions were far smaller than I had originally anticipated, but I can see how the entire course is quite significant. 

Once I devoured the meat and experimented with the variety of sauces placed nearby, I moved onto the dessert.

Dessert consisted of a multitude of bread and sweets (fruit and rice krispie treats) that were to also be skewered - they give you new ones - and dipped in the chocolate of your choice. Mine was milk chocolate. 

When everything was said and done, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and had a belly filled to the perfection level. The bill was slightly higher than I had anticipated (I had a coupon thankfully), but regardless it was an experience worth doing. 

My final thoughts are this: This is something I encourage anyone - couples, singles, families, friends, anyone - to come out and try. Their aren't an insane amount of choices for any category, but the variety is decent. I don't think I'll ever go back especially due to the price, but I definitively don't regret going. 

Atmosphere: 10 out of 10, Service: 10 out of 10, Food: 7 out of 10 (I would've preferred more quantity wise), Experience: 8 out of 10 only because the price was a tad hefty. 

I will say that now I'm intrigued by the possibility of owning my own fondue set. Fondue chocolate every night? Perhaps.

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