Friday, July 21, 2017

Food Feature Friday #39: Nomad's Donuts for Everyone!

Breakfast can be at anytime of day or night and can consist of any sort of food. From steak to cereal, you can have anything for breakfast. There aren't really any rules except for maybe abstaining from ice-cream, but again that's a personal choice. I for one have different cravings each morning and today I decided that donuts would make for the perfect start to the day.

While I could've just gone to the donut shop down the block, I decided to try an infamous shop not too far from our home. With raving reviews and numerous pictures showcasing the glorious goodness all over Instagram, I absolutely had to taste the pastries for myself. I'm talking about Nomad Donuts.

For those of you who aren't sure what a "nomad" is, it's someone without a permanent home who travels from place to place.

First up I'd like to say that parking can be a little hectic with no designated spots, but it only took us a few minutes to find a relatively close spot. After a few moments of walking - roughly 3 minutes or so - we arrived at a quaint building with selective seating outdoors. It definitely resembled a "hole in the wall" style restaurant, but stepping inside you can almost instantly feel the home-like resemblance of the entire establishment.

There's very limited space inside Nomad's, so you'll have to squeeze by or wait outside for your chance to catch a glimpse of their display case, but all in all you'll make it to the front. There you'll see a small-ish case of donut flavors, along with a unique display on the wall of beautiful shirt designs (available for purchase) and a list of their available donuts for the day.

Something I'd like to add is that the flavors change every day, minus a few key flavors that cease to disappear for good reason. They also have "cake donuts", which have the consistency of cake, and gluten-free donuts for the gluten sensitive.

With a handful of "bigger-than-fist-sized" donuts neatly placed in a box, we headed home to taste the decadent breakfast desserts.

Between the adversely different flavors and the simplistic ones, we chose to try:

- vanilla bean
- blackberry jam, black currant
- maple
- chocolate
- blueberry coconut

I will say I was tempted to try the honey peach and the ube taro coconut, but I was especially craving the specific ones we had chosen. Hence their absence in our box of goodies.

Describing these donuts is something I can do it a jiffy. Delicious. The flavors aren't necessarily out of this world - at least for the ones we devoured - but they did have an edge on the typical donuts you'd probably purchase from your average donut shop. Light and fluffy, glazed to perfection, infused with an excellent dose of berries (for the blackberry jam donut), and soft like a pillow worth sleeping on. Basically it's perfect in every aspect.


I don't think the price is especially right for the donuts themselves. Do I regret this visit? Absolutely not. We were able to scarf down mouthwatering donuts from a local shop that deserves recognition, but if I'm in the mood for a vanilla or chocolate I'll be heading to the local shop for a sprinkle or chocolate twist. As for the intricate flavors, perhaps I'll take another trip to this nomad paradise.

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