Friday, July 28, 2017

Food Feature Friday #40: Recipe Hacks For Every Fridge!

These days it can be hard to make a decent meal for anyone with a seemingly limited amount of items in the fridge. While it might seem like you don't have anything to fulfill a hearty meal, you'd be surprised with what a few clicks on the interweb could provide for you.

While I was browsing the infamously addicting Pinterest website, I came across this "meme ad" informing people about a website that [supposedly] gives you a list of recipes that you can easily recreate with the items that are already in your fridge. Most of the time I'm skeptical of the websites advertised in meme form, but I decided to put this particular one to the test.

After putting in a couple of different ingredients that I currently had in my pantry and fridge, I was given numerous recipes. I will say that a good handful of the recipes provided were a tad similar, but I didn't exactly provide everything I had. Which made the list rather small.

The website I'm talking about it called and it's a game changer.

Sometimes I have random items in my fridge with no sense on what to make with said items. This website not only helps me figure out what to cook up, but it adds recipes to my personal collection for future meals. My Fridge Food also helps me minimize waste, by allowing me to simply use what I have instead of purchasing extra food to create a one time dish. Additionally, this will help save money.

You don't just have the opportunity to find new recipes, but you can also add recipes to the site as well. Perhaps you know of a quick dish that takes minimal ingredients? Submit your own recipes to help others who may not be as clever as you.

But what if there are too many choices or perhaps a limited amount of time to complete your meal? Don't want to bother browsing through a ton of ideas? Need help deciding? Well on they have a "decider" button, that helps with all the above! The fifth button from the left on the navigator bar, will be a button called "decider". Simply click on it, answer a few key questions, and you'll find yourself with a selective few choices that will be optimal for you.

Another great point about is that you won't be stuck with making mediocre meals. The recipes are actually subpar dishes that would impress anyone. They may not be 5 star dishes from your local fine dining restaurant, but they won't taste or look like last resorts either.

So when you're stuck on what to make with very limited items around to work with, head to this website for a fresh list of delicious options.

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