Monday, July 24, 2017

It's OK To Take A [Mental] Break.

Something you guys might not know is I suffer from anemia. It's been kept under control for the most part, but for the last few days I've had severe migraines and dizziness. I'm almost positive this is related to my iron levels being low. So while I truly wanted to be able to tell you guys about our adventure at the Tortoise and Turtle show this past weekend, I'll have to save it for tomorrow.

My head is literally pulsating just looking at the computer screen.

So I'll be turning off the electronics, trying to eat something (and keep it down, because the migraine has also made me nauseous), drinking plenty of water, and resting till morning.

I apologize for the lack of content, but I just can't handle the agonizing pain pounding through my jaw, eyeballs, and forehead. I hope you all have a great night Jedi's. Much love and keep on rockin'.

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