Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Nellie's is Making Waves in the World of Cleanliness!

Yesterday I talked about our adventure at the county fair (see HERE). What I didn't share with you guys - besides the food we ate, which is coming Friday - was the awesome purchase I made for the household!

I tend to think of myself as a savvy shopper, especially when it comes to buying anything at the Del Mar Fair. Seeing as how you can [sometimes] find better deals online, I don't jump into anything right away. It was only after a very informative conversation with the lovely lady at the Nellie's stand, that I officially decided to purchase a bundle that not only saved me money, but actually made me EXCITED to clean the house and do laundry! I know right?

After noticing the vintage style tins - which I'm a proud sucker for - and the "wow stick stain remover", I swiftly approached the lady and asked what her products were all about. Being a mom to a very messy 5 year old, anything that claims to remove stains with ease intrigues me. I can't tell you how many white shirts we've had to mark as pajama's or "messy shirts", because I couldn't fully remove the stains. 

Let me tell you, I left with a total of 10 products, a reusable bag, a suitcase, and an adorable lamby that I'm currently cuddling with. 

In case you aren't aware my little padawan has extremely sensitive skin, which means I have to be particular about the products I use with him, including laundry soaps, stain removers, and dryer sheets. With his dry, eczema ridden skin, I'm consistently on the look out for items that won't break the bank and will help keep our clothes clean, without adding any unnecessary agitation to anyone's skin. With Nellie, everything is taken care of. 

Nellie's strides themselves as an all natural company, providing loads of products for every surface and clothing item that needs to be cleaned. Including the beloved stuffed animals that are ever so delicate, yet covered in filth from years of loving. 

With the abundance of items that I purchased, I decided to break this post up into two parts. Laundry today and cleaning products tomorrow. I've used every item for a full review and I'm so absolutely excited to share them with you!

First up I bought Nellie's All-Natural Laundry Soda. This baby only requires you to use 1 tablespoon per [normal sized] load and won't alter the color of your whites, rid them of the dirt, and keep your precious items soft and cuddly, without any nastiness. One tin provides enough product for 100 loads and is fragrance free, among other things. 

The tin truly reminds me of the "old days", when I wish I actually got to experience. 

Doing one load of laundry I noticed two things. I was ruining my clothes with these supposed "sensitive skin" laundry items that were ultimately altering the colors and the fact that I wasn't getting nearly 96 loads as my Tide bottle claimed, made me realize I was indeed spending close to $30 every two months on laundry detergent. Seeing as how I'm only getting roughly 50 washes [at best] from that $30, I was spending about $0.60 per load on detergent. With a $20 tub of Nellie's Laundry Soda, I'll only be using the tablespoon scooper size (which is provided for you), giving me the 100 loads and only costing me about $0.20 per load. That's a $0.40 saving every load! It adds up people.

Next up is the whole reason I went to the stand, their "wow stick". This stick is fairly simple to use. Simply wet the stain, rub the stick on the stain, agitate the stain [preferably by rubbing the fabric together with itself], and rinse with water. All the directions are clearly stated on the box and stick itself, and with it's first use I was astonished. I used the stick on my cream shirt, which I got chocolate on in the armpit area - don't ask, I'm not even sure how. It was rubbed in, completely set, and normally with the cheap material that my shirt is made out of, I'm almost never able to get stains fully out. With this stick, the stain lifted instantaneously with ease. 

After getting your stains out, simply put your freshly prepped clothing item(s) in the wash and watch the beauty that will soon unfold. 

The claims are that this stick will get out grass, wine, dirt, mud, coffee, spaghetti sauce, along with many other infamous "staining" items. Except pen. But apparently you just need arousal hairspray to get that out. 

Personally I was utterly surprised with how well it truly worked, without altering the color or ruining the fabric. So far I've used it on my sheets, couch, pillows, clothes, rug, and stuffed animals. All with excellent results. It's $9 and worth every penny. 

Last up for laundry is the dryer balls. These balls are $30 for a 4 pack - which comes in an adorable tin resembling a dryer, window and all - and are completely made of wool. They've been preshrunk and are perfect for drying anything and everything. You simply put all four into the dryer and watch the magic work. These balls rid your clothes of static and because they are constantly bouncing around, they keep things from getting bunched up, reducing your overall drying time because everything is drying at the same degree. They are fragrance free as well and don't contain any of those agitating parabens that can cause skin agitation. The best part? They're reusable! They have a two-year guarantee, but the lady at the booth has [apparently] had hers for 5 years! That's a significant amount of savings. 

The fact that they are fragrance free though, doesn't have to deter you altogether. You can either purchase a $10 fragrant ball that's infused with natural oils, or simply do it yourself. Add a few drops of essentials oils in a spray bottle filled with water, spray a ball (or all of them) with a mist and you will have your very own scented dryer ball. Excellent for sensitive skin users that want a little extra something. 

With all the laundry items I got: 2 laundry soda tins ($21 each), the "wow stick" ($9), a laundry soda refill (50 loads, $11)), and dryer balls ($30), I would've normally paid $92 (before taxes), but I paid half! That's right, all of that for $46! I even got a free lamby ($20 value) and a free reusable bag that's lined on the inside, making it waterproof. Freaking awesome if you ask me and that's only half the review! 

Check in tomorrow for the rest and if you're interested in purchasing your own items, head to their Nellie's website (HERE) or check them out on the HSN and Amazon. If you purchase more than $75 worth of goodies, you'll get free shipping in the US. I've also found that Walmart and Target will now ship their items to their stores as well for free, so that may be an alternative for you guys seeing as how they are a Canada company. Regardless you'll be getting a deal worth while with ridiculously gorgeous tins and goodies! PS the lamby is super soft and a great snuggler!

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