Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Reorganizing a Disaster, With a Side of Ice Cream.

Today I decided to tackle on a project I've long since put off, reorganizing my hall closet.

A minor detail I should include is that the entire hall closest is a basically a wall with 4 long shelves and 6 doors, hiding [technically] 12 large sized cubby holes, filled with crap galore. Between decorations, beach toys, linens, and miscellaneous items, my closet was overflowing. Each time I opened a door, it was like playing Tetris trying to avoid an avalanche of any sorts. Once I got word that Target was having a sale on storage bins - for those students heading to college - I went to my local money pit (because I spend too much here) and picked up a handful of them in all different sizes.

Unfortunately they didn't all have my favorite colored lids - turquoise - but white sufficed. Besides, it was what they were going to help me accomplish, not necessarily the color of their lid that mattered.

Immediately after I got home I went through all the cupboards except for the very bottom section of one (because I ran out of bins) and was able to organize absolutely everything. With minimal items out of bins - an iron, a humidifier, and a bucket of tools - I stood back pleased with my success. Granted I wish I could've covered the bins inside so you couldn't see what was inside, but I know it would've driven me crazy not being able to see later in the future. I don't plan on labeling them either, since I can see and distinctly remember what I put in each box with what.

I have to say even though it was extremely hot and humid in our hallway and I spent the hottest hours of the days making a pile of mess everywhere, I'm beyond ecstatic with what I've been able to accomplish. I still have to get rid of a few things in the closet (they are organized though) and a few items from our storage unit, then I can put the bottom shelf items in the storage unit (beach toys, wood, dirt, and sand), freeing up space to put our board games in the hallway.

Putting the board games in the hall closet would then free up our dresser, currently being used as a TV stand in the living room. I haven't quite decided what I'll do with the dresser yet: sell it, put it in my room, or turn it into a bigger turtle tank (ultimately selling our DIY one, but I really don't want to get rid of it). Regardless, I'm just excited to free up space.

I know I need to downsize, which I have been doing in a sense, but for now I think the amount of crap I got rid of is adequate enough to say I've cleansed the house. Much to do, so little time, but it's getting done.

Tomorrow I plan on downsizing my son's toys, because he got LOADS more from his birthday and I KNOW he's keeping some toys that he never plays with anymore.

After a long hot day of organizing, we decided to take a short drive to a close-by Cold Stone for some much needed ice-cream. We ended up in Old Town and decided to stroll through with cones in hand. A beautiful stroll at that.

Now that we're home, my Padawan passed out and I'm finally winding down myself. Bellies full, memories made, and closest cleaned. Overall it was a good day. 

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