Thursday, July 20, 2017

San Diego Comic Con 2017: An Outside Look

Comic Con is an infamous event that takes place here in San Diego, CA. For 4 days - 5 if you go to preview night as well - and each day is jam packed with comic goodness galore. From sneak peaks into upcoming shows and movies, to limited edition content that can only be purchased at Comic Con, there are numerous reasons to try and snag a ticket to this amazing event. If you're unable to purchase a badge like we were, there is still hope in enjoying this character carnival on the outside!

For us, we decided to basically just wing it. Unfortunately we didn't get to Downtown as early as I would have liked, but we were still able to enjoy ourselves nonetheless.

First up we stepped in the artistic world of Broad City. It's an upcoming show on Comedy Central and the way they advertised it was a beautiful rendition of art.

We were all able to walk in, grab a small tin of paint, and paint our hearts out.

On the walls, canvases placed on the floor, chairs marked with lines. You name it, you can paint it.

Personally this was my favorite of all the events we got to experience. We literally left our mark on the Comedy Central world. What will be made of our paint is unknown, but I plan on keeping my eyes open.

Next up we were able to check out the Kong experience, where we walked under a giant layout of bones, snapped a pic in front of a semi-truck sized skull, strolled through the "jungle" and saw the giant sized Kong hand awaiting our arrival.

Seeing as how we had already seen the movie it wasn't anything new, but the experience was still incredibly riveting.

The tunnel made my Padawan a little jumpy, but nothing crazy. He was afraid something - or someone - would jump out at us. Luckily (as I already knew and told him) nothing did and we made it to the otherside.

This experience was mostly for the pictures, but I still recommend the 2 minute wait.

Afterwards we headed to the Walking Dead display. Something I'd like to mention now is that I haven't seen this show or any of the episodes. I've simply seen the pictures and clips displayed all over social media.

This was particularly risky, because I had to continuously explain that zombies were fiction and there was absolutely nothing to fear about makeup. Eventually he got the idea (once I described how they actually made the costumes) and ended up enjoying the entire area.

He's a bit of a zombie fan, but I've never let him watch this show (or any zombie show) due to the violence.

Inside the event you were able to take a swing at a baseball, just like Neegan from the infamous scene that's been raged on about. A few select zombies were also strolling about, giving you optimal photo opportunities, never breaking character. You can also sit down in a "junkyard style" seating area to watch some clips of The Walking Dead and it's upcoming season. There were other opportunities as well - like a mini "walkthrough" which I'm still unsure about, because I refused to take my son into it.

One of the last exhibits we saw was the set scenes from three popular shows: Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones, and Luke Cage.

Personally I was only interested in going into the cafeteria of Orange is the New Black, merely because I haven't seen any of the other shows. Also something I wish I had snapped a picture of, but didn't because I chowed it down, was that at the end of our pic opportunity we were given "shank candies". Basically three jolly ranchers melted together and slightly "sharpened" at one end to resemble what has been featured in OITNB.

We were also able to take a picture in front of a snow speeder from Star Wars, "meet" Darth Vader, create free t-shirts from an upcoming new show called "Mr. Mercedes", win a fidget spinner, and check out the "Hey Arnold" truck.

With the night at an end, my feet are exhausted and my little guy is knocked out. We may not have spent anything - except $1 for parking - but we still had fun with the little time we had.

We aren't guaranteed to be returning tomorrow, but it is a possibility. If we do however, we will definitely be aiming to go earlier than we did today. For now we will be resting our bodies and dreaming of the fun that is to [potentially] come!

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