Monday, July 31, 2017

Timeshare Trip CANCELLED!!!

Earlier this month I discussed our timeshare experience and how we scored a free trip to any of Wyndam's locations provided to us on our vouchers. Initially we intended on taking the car up to Lake Tahoe for a few days, in hopes of making a great mini vacation before school started up again. However, things have changed.

Besides the fact that we have to pay the tax for the entire trip - which is significantly less than what the trip would normally cost I might add, we also would have to pay for our own food to an extent. Which ISN'T what we were told.

Upon being gifted our dining coupon card worth $100 we were told that the card would give us access to easily accessible vouchers online, giving us plenty of funds to feed our vacation in Lake Tahoe. Well today we decided we weren't going to go to Lake Tahoe anymore, due to our car's transmission not being in the greatest conditions. So instead we decided to use our dining card for a dinner here in San Diego, which was accepted by the terms and conditions. Something NOT stated however (nor expressed prior), is that the coupon does NOT actually cover your food expenses.

We went online to try and redeem our card using the code provided. I had to first search for a restaurant, create an account, redeem my card, checkout with my chosen gift certificates, THEN use my credits to pay for the voucher I wished to redeem. Only after purchasing was I shown the terms and conditions, meaning that when they say "restaurant requires $30 minimum", they mean you personally have to spend a minimum of $30 out of pocket to even use your $10 gift certificate. Best part? Even if you purchase $30 worth of vouchers, thinking it would cover your $30 minimum purchase requirements, you can only use ONE voucher. Per restaurant. Per party. Per MONTH.

That's right. Month.

I was livid. I couldn't believe that after I had used $40 worth of credits, I couldn't even use them, basically rendering my entire "purchase" useless. It ruined our night by not allowing us to go out like we had intended AND it made me completely regret wasting my time at the timeshare meeting. Granted I could go to another timeshare presentation during a better financial time in my life, to be able to comfortably afford the vacation expenses, but quite frankly this experience has only made me give up on the idea altogether.

Perhaps ask me in a few months when the sting has cooled off a bit.

Regardless I'm happy I learned, because sometimes the unknown is frustrating and now I know that it's not worth it.

Have you guys experienced timeshare meetings? How was it for you? Leave your experiences in the comment section below.

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