Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Turtle and Tortoise Show: An Adventure At Balboa Park

Hello Jedi's and thank you for your patience yesterday. Last night I went straight to bed and today I finally feel much better. Not 100%, but I'm functional now.

Yesterday I mentioned how my Padawan and I went to Balboa Park this past weekend to check out the Turtle and Tortoise show, which also had a coinciding plant sale going on as well. We decided to check it out in hopes we'd find a good plant for Yoda and while I was right about the plant, I was a tad disappointed.

First off I'd like to say that I had high expectations for this event so my disappointment isn't necessarily a depiction on the quality of the event itself. This was my first time checking out their annual show and while I was expecting something the size of the Reptile Show (see HERE), I do think this event was something of interest.

In front of the steps leading to the room where this all took place, there was a little table with baby tortoises relaxing in the shade and three people telling me that the tortoises are straight ahead. Gleeful, we waltzed right in.

To the left there were an abundance of plants, some tortoise edible and some not. Most were labeled with their names and whether or not they were indeed edible, but a few weren't. Unsure of which were suitable specifically for my little Redfooted Tortoise, I asked the lady her recommendations, but was quickly shut down due to her lack of knowledge pertaining to my specific breed of tortoise. Another lady however quickly stepped in and sold me a $2 plant that was not only edible for Yoda, but apparently a huge hit with hers.

Side note about the non-photographed plant: Yoda doesn't seem to be "running" to eat it, but he does seem to like the extra green inside his terrarium bedroom.

Besides the plants, they also had a few selective tortoises along the wall in their own set up. Some up for adoption, others simply for teaching. I - being the inquisitive human that I am - asked loads of questions and viewed each adorable tortoise. I would like to say that it broke my heart to pieces having to leave the adoptable shell babies at the show. I wanted to scoop them all up and shower them with lettuce and love.

Yes I'm aware they eat more than lettuce.

I do think a few looked a bit sad and more than anxious to get out, but I wasn't there to judge. I don't know their homes and I truly do hope that they are all given the best of lives.

In the inner region of the seemingly acceptable sized room, they had a group of tables making a rectangle, each placed with separate items. One with t-shirts tortoise themed, one with houses for tortoises, one with tortoise jewelry, and one with miscellaneous tortoise memorabilia (beanie babies, keychains, calendars, etc.). None of which I purchased.

I was a bit curious about purchasing a big bag of hay for Yoda's outside enclosure, but I wasn't sure if it was suitable for him. I have been told they eat hay, so I wanted to clarify whether or not it could be consumed by a redfoot. Unfortunately no one could tell me whether or not it could be chowed on by Yoda, nor did they have any real knowledge of redfoots. This is the reason for majority of my slight disappointment.

Coming to the event I had hoped to find a variety of plants that Yoda could enjoy, learn some key facts about my little shell child (you can never know enough), and perhaps see some gorgeous creatures. I did see some creatures and I did find one plant, but nothing to the expectation I had in my mind.

Regardless I enjoyed myself and my little Padawan enjoyed seeing all the tortoises at the show. I probably won't be returning anytime soon, so it will be added to my list of "I'm still glad I experienced it" adventures. I do recommend those in San Diego that have tortoises/turtles to check it out, because they may have knowledge pertaining to your little buddies. Just not redfoots. Who knows, maybe they'll even learn a thing or two for the next event.

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