Thursday, August 3, 2017

5 [Little] Things To Be Thankful For During Hard Times.

Last year for Thanksgiving I decided to make a list of "50 Things I'm Thankful For". It may not be Thanksgiving, but I also realize that while I'm grateful to have those blessings, they may not be significant to all of you. So I figured that while Summer time is coming to an end within a few weeks, I'd remind everyone the little things we can all be thankful for.

1. Sheets that have directional tags on them

I don't know about you guys, but when I'm making the bed I get irked every time I mess up. Putting the sides of the sheets towards the top or bottom, then realizing it doesn't fit due to my mistake, having to take it off, and turn it correctly. Perhaps it's not a "big deal" to some, but to me it's a slight inconvenience that makes me give the "death stare" to the fitted madness that I'm placing over my mattress. When my fitted sheets have the tags on them however, I don't have that 15 seconds of "Seriously?!". Just smooth fitting.

2. When you think there's no more juice boxes, but you find an extra one hidden in the back

Juice boxes are a must have in my house, as they provide immediate relief from thirst for my little guy and they are great for on the go. We constantly have our waters with us and maintain a good level of H2O intake, but sometimes it's good to liven things up a bit. Unfortunately due to their popularity, it's hard to get the last juice box. I can't even tell you how many times I've gone to the fridge craving a fruity beverage, only to see that my Padawan has beaten me to the punch (see what I did there). But alas, there are times when I've spontaneously come across a box covered by cheese or a bag of salad, waiting for me to slurp down while snuggled under the covers. Moments like these can be said for a multitude of items, so if you're not a juice box fan, perhaps this could pertain to another "guilty pleasure" you have.

3. Making it to the store just before close

Being that I live walking distance to a grocery store, I will glance that way and immediately crave something they sell there. More often than not though I'll forget what time it closes and I'm too lazy to Google the store hours. With my hopes high, my spawn and I will mosey on over that way during the weekends when we're having "movie time". A few times we've been slapped by the "close" sign, but we've gotten lucky to where they will let us in with 4 minutes to spare. I'm sure it's annoying, but if they smile and say "not a problem", I'm waltzing in for that chocolate bar.

4. When you switch the radio station and find that your favorite song is just starting

I'm a stoplight dancer. If I'm at a stoplight and the music is good, I'm dancing. I'm also 99% sure that there are a few YouTube or Snapchat videos of me out there dancing my heart out. My son thinks it's hilarious and I for one don't quite care what people think. Heck, I've had people laugh and start dancing along. It's just a great way to get out my energy and put a smile on. However, there are many times when the songs just aren't that grand, but when I'm switching through stations only to hear a favorite song of mine starting up, I get incredibly chipper. It's as if the stars aligned perfectly for that moment.

5. When you hit every single green light

How annoying is it when you're so close to home, but all the lights are red. It's even worse when said lights are infamous for their "longevity", making the anticipation a metaphorical killer. Well the exact opposite set of emotions run high for me when the exact opposite happens at each light, i.e. they're all green. The street "God's" have paved a perfect path of smooth driving to get home with the least amount of time waiting. Like waking up to free bacon at a hotel.

Life isn't always perfect and their are many, MANY bumps in the road, sometimes making it difficult to really be thankful for anything other than the day coming to an end. I've been there. Especially these last few weeks I've been struggling with the anniversary of my Grandmother's death. It's a hard hitter for me, but I always try to find the bright side. Something my Grandma always did. So yeah maybe you spilt your coffee on your clean blouse on the way to work, or maybe no one saved you a donut, or maybe your car started acting up and it needs maintenance. You can always be thankful for the little things in life, because they will make an appearance again and again.

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