Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Today I am breaking. Mentally I have to have a night where I can calmly assess multiple situations and better deal with my impending headache...again.

Which reminds me, have you guys experienced such piercing headaches constantly for weeks on end? I know I should [probably] get it checked out, but seeing as how I'm not really in the best position to take a leave of absence from life itself - being a mom and all - I don't see myself getting a multitude of tests completed in a timely manner. Not to mention my doctor loves to say I'm only drinking too much coffee (I have MAYBE a cup every other day now) or I need a nap. A nap...

Regardless I'm in need of a bowl of ice cream, a bath with Frank Sinatra blaring through the bathroom, and a [hopeful] long night of sleep.

Please forgive my inept blog post today, this momma needs to RNR. Be back tomorrow!

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