Wednesday, August 16, 2017

DIY On Hold.

Yes I know, I had given you guys hope for a DIY project. I was almost done when unfortunately I ran out of thread and time, bringing my project to an end for the day. While I definitely want to get it out tomorrow, I won't make promises because I have a lot of prepping for my jewelry event this Saturday.

Also I'd like to say my own little comment regarding the domestic chaos in Charlottesville. It hasn't been questioned and I truly don't think any of my rockin' Jedi readers would agree with the vial chants that were spread, I'd like to extend my deepest remorse for those who do agree. For you are living a very grey life, never living in full color.

The world itself isn't one color. Land and sea are two different colors, on the same spectrum, on the same planet, in the same universe. Without each other, Earth wouldn't be home.

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